Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to Biking

I’ve been home for the weekend, since I rarely go anywhere other than the barn those days and it’s right down the road from my house. I guess I live a sort of double life, but it saves a lot more gas than if I stayed on campus. Unfortunately, it also means I’m not within walking distance of a swimming pool.

Anyway, with hurricane Irene dumping rain on us last night and most of this morning, I’ve been on the stationary bike. I have a love-hate relationship with said bike. I really appreciate the fact that I have some form of exercise readily available, but at the same time I get bored easily. And after a week off from it, and now two days on, my butt and back are really protesting. (It’s a recumbent, so I lean against the chair back.) It makes sitting in the saddle a bit uncomfortable, but I didn’t let that stop me!

Aside from occasional twinges, my foot felt fine on both the horse and the bike. I have to be careful how I use it, though. If I put too much of my foot on the pedal, I get pressure on the heel and it hurts. Also—and I’m not quite sure why—using my spurs while riding also gives me a little pull in the sore area. I guess it’s the motion of twisting my heel up to jab Sydney in the ribs…it’s sort of like standing on your toes, which I still can’t quite manage pain-free. If only my horse weren’t so lazy… :)

On the other hand, I got up to get a drink last night and didn’t even think about walking until I was back in bed. I remember just a few weeks ago I had to practically hang off the banister every other step. I had a really hard time not waking up the whole house!

I feel like the swollen spot is a little harder today, but still not as lumpy or hard as it started out. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, because it feels like one wrong move and I’ll be right back at square one again.
Either way, I’ll be back in the pool tomorrow! And with physical therapy scheduled for Tuesday, hopefully we’ll see some progress!

Be patient, keep fighting!
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