Wednesday, August 31, 2011

None the Worse for the Wear

Good day all around for the foot—I got my ice tray filled up with water and stuck it in the freezer last night in anticipation, but it’s still wonderfully full! When I woke up I had a harder time walking than usual, but the burning worked itself out a bit and I have been walking as close to pain-free as I’ve been since my “return” to running (and subsequent re-retirement—I’m feeling like Brett Favre). I even did some unassisted heel raises—no leaning on the counter to take most of the weight off.

Felt great walking back from the Nat—there’s something about the water that gets the ligaments moving without putting weight on them and making them hurt. Plus, I feel much less dorky bobbing along while everybody swims. The guy I shared a lane with today commented on how hard it must be without a belt. I told him it got easier after the first few times. All he said was, “I’m in awe of your workout.” I didn’t tell him that I’m in awe of his—I still can’t keep up a long swim.
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