Friday, September 23, 2011

Jelly Beans, Anyone?

When I went to physical therapy on Wednesday, my therapist took one look at my foot and said it was less swollen. “Tell me what you think,” he said.

I looked. And I was astonished. Because it was less swollen. Usually when the swelling seems to disappear, it’s in the morning. By the end of the day it’s back. I had been walking to and from class all day, I’d “snuck” another run on the treadmill on Monday (is it really sneaking if you tell people about it?), and I’d run halfway home from the Natatorium that morning.

The swelling hadn’t completely disappeared, but it wasn’t, as my physical therapist put it, “popping out.” He also compared it to jelly beans. I thought it was rather bigger (and more painful) than a jelly bean, but to each his own. At least I seem to be making progress.

When I asked about my other foot he said it’s not uncommon to have hypersensitivity in both feet. The “itchiness” I described was apparently nerve-related. He gave me a stretch for the entire nervous system: Laying on my side, I put one leg straight out off the edge of the bed and raise my arm up and back. Then I pump the foot up and down. I can feel it all the way from my arch to my pinky finger. (I tried unsuccessfully to find pictures of this one, since it’s somewhat difficult to describe.)

The best part is I think it’s helping. Yes, it’s slightly painful because I’m not very flexible. But when I got up this morning I put my feet down cautiously and…nothing. Which is great, because on Wednesday after that physical therapy appointment, I ran a whole five minute on the treadmill and even got myself up to 5 mph at the end. I’m starting to feel like running (for real) might not be impossible after all.
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