Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Wrinkly Foot

I got on the stationary bike this morning and felt…nothing.

Ever since my therapist mentioned the possibility of a stress fracture on Thursday, I’ve been paranoid. I felt a delayed sting every time I stepped down on my heel a little harder than usual. I imagined the pain was different than it had been at first—not the burning, pulling of the muscle but a deeper ache. I was afraid that we’d been wrong the whole time.

I was on the bike last night, and could feel it if I pushed the pedal at a certain angle. Then, suddenly, this morning I was fine. When I got done I immediately took off my socks and started poking the bottom of my foot. It only hurt if I pressed really hard (which I only did once). And the best part? My foot was wrinkly.

That’s definitely better than the taut, swollen lump I had before. I’m hoping this means we’re doing something right. Just walking around the house today felt pretty good. The best way I can describe it is a twinge or pinch when I lift my heel off the ground. And the weird thing is, I can do heel raises just fine—it’s only when I walk.

This whole thing really boggles my mind. But I definitely have a much greater appreciation for how complex your feet are—and how much you need them for everyday life!
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