Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wet Socks

One more thing to add to the list of things I hate about plantar fasciitis: Wet socks.

Since the pf showed up, I haven’t worn anything except my Asics Gels (I have two pairs and I rotate them). I used to have these cute pony rain boots for walking to class when it rained, but I cringe just thinking about walking any distance in them. I need my orthopedic Crocs just to get to the bathroom!!

Anyway, with the massive amounts of rain we’ve gotten these past few days, my feet are permanently wet—and cold. So much for only going through one pair of socks per day since I’m not running! Just walking back from the Nat yesterday morning—couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes—I soaked my favorite pair of shoes in a river/lake that was running across the sidewalk. They’re still wet.

Just another reason to get this cleared up ASAP, I guess. I went to physical therapy this afternoon, and this time I could actually say that I’m feeling better! I do kind of feel like I’ve hit a wall, though; I wish I could have kept improving, but seem to have stopped just short of feeling ready to get back to it. My therapist mentioned getting an MRI if it doesn’t keep getting better—he was suspicious of the swelling and thought it could have been a stress fracture, even though I had been running on it for a couple months. I think he was almost relieved when I said I felt better than last week. I can imagine this whole thing is frustrating for him too! Oh well, I guess every small step counts! Keep hanging in there!
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