Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just Say No

For nearing the end of November, it was an absolutely beautiful day out today. It took all of my restraint not to do the three-mile loop that goes around our neighborhood. I promised myself yesterday that after three days in a row of running at least three miles (in fact, 4 on Thursday and 3.7 yesterday), I would take at least one day off. Especially before trying the great outdoors.

I was going to give it two days, but I’m not sure my resolve will hold that long. Which brings me to one of my fears that come with my newfound freedom: That I will get overenthusiastic and bring everything crashing back down around me.

I have a problem with overenthusiasm when it comes to working off excess energy. It’s part of the reason I’ve been dealing with plantar fasciitis for so long, but it’s not just with running. I got a little excited about the kicking while swimming one day and my ankle was a little sore that week. I even got a little too into it on the stationary bike and it bothered my knees. These were stupid little minor things, but they are still a reminder to pace myself.

The other scary part of freedom is just that: being free. I’m on my own now. I’m not leaning on advice from my therapist anymore, and that means I have sole responsibility for the well-being of my foot. It’s sort of a mixed blessing. I’ve been waiting for this so long, but now I have to make sure I don’t pile on the miles to quickly, too soon. When it comes to running or not running, it’s hard for me to err on the side of caution. I guess it’s just something I’ll have to learn with time. Hopefully now that I can swim and bike, it will be easier to take it slow with the running—and just say “no” if I’m not feeling one hundred percent.
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