Friday, January 6, 2012

Where's My Calcium?

I am proud to say…I’m learning to like yogurt.

As part of my efforts to undo the damage I’ve done to my poor feet, I’m bombarding my body with as much calcium as possible, which means finding sources that aren’t totally repulsive. As of yet, the only two I really can enjoy are hot chocolate (30+% DV in 1 cup, if made with milk or from mix that contains dried milk) and pudding (only about 10% per serving). The problem is, heating milk takes FOREVER, so hot chocolate is frustratingly annoying; and yogurt has more calcium per serving than pudding, so I feel like in order to really go the whole nine yards the yogurt is a better choice. The only better calcium source (I’ve found) is milk.

And after forcing myself to chug an entire cup of skim milk (30%, just think about that!), yogurt seems much more inviting. I think the taste just took some getting used to. Being a pudding fanatic, I was kind of expecting that same sweetness, but the first time I tried yogurt it just tasted like sour milk. It smelled great—I was all ready for cinnamon-roll goodness—but eww, it was like eating acid!

Finally, after my fifth official serving of yogurt, the sour taste is less obvious and I can experience (to a certain extent, anyway) the yumminess they intend when they make flavors like cinnamon roll. Ok, maybe not so much (the cinnamon roll was the first flavor I tried and it was so repulsive I have yet to try it again…as before, I’m not sure if that’s changed now that I’m getting used to the taste). I recommend the Yoplait Light—probably because they come in flavors that aren’t too “fruity” (I’m definitely a chocolate/cookies/cake person). Especially the Boston Cream Pie and Red Velvet Cake varieties.

Another good source is VitaminWater—the zero-calorie Orange flavor, anyway. At 4% per serving and 2.5 servings per bottle, I easily got 10% of my calcium right there. And since it’s only water it doesn’t fill me up, and I can go have some more yogurt! :)

Plus, my sports doctor said that vitamin C helps the body absorb calcium. And ONE SERVING (remember, 2.5 per bottle!) of this stuff has 120% DV of vitamin C!! I foresee a fridge stocked with Yoplait and orange VitaminWaters. Oh, and freezer of ice cream. Never forget that ice cream has calcium too!
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