Sunday, February 5, 2012

They Don't Study Normal People

So I think after mostly biking this weekend and not much swimming, I think I’ve finally sweated out the chlorine smell from my skin. Too bad it’s permanently attached to all my clothes now anyway. And my entire dorm room smells like the pool at the YMCA, because apparently their chemicals are more pungent than the ones at the Nat.

But I’m not posting just to complain about the way I smell. This is, after all, a blog about my feet. Which don’t like biking quite as much as swimming, unfortunately.

Not that they hurt—not exactly. They’re just there. I’d rather be like a normal person and be able to forget about those things attached to the ends of my legs for a little while, but I think I’ve made sure I’ll never be someone who can go about everyday life without thinking of everything my feet go through. Standing on a hardwood or tile floor? *Shifts feet uncomfortably* Walking down an incline on concrete? Well, that’s three times harder than asphalt. Stomping the snow off your shoes when you come inside? *Cringe*

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just hyperaware, or if I’m actually paranoid.

Anyway, feet aside—well, maybe not, because this has to do with my feet too. I’m participating in a stress fracture study in exercising women, carried out right on campus. My sports doctor told me about it and after hearing about the tests they run, I jumped right on board. For free, I get to find out my BMR and bone density/quality.

I go in for the metabolism study tomorrow morning at 7. Gotta get up early even when I don’t have class! But I guess it’s a good thing, because I’m not allowed to eat after 9 o’clock tonight…which could be a challenge in itself because I am a perpetual late-night snacker.

But I can handle it, because I’m really excited to go lay in a laboratory doing nothing for 90 minutes. I’ve always wanted to know my BMR. It’s information that you can really use to make an impact on your health. I haven’t always wanted to know my bone density, but now I do, and that’s also something I can use to make changes for the better.

It’s just a good thing my Super Bowl doesn’t center around parties and food. (Okay, so I don’t even watch the Super Bowl.) Enjoy the game!
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