Friday, June 29, 2012

Peanut Butter Lover's Dream: Chocolate Edition

Forget PB&J. It should be PB&C. Nothing goes with peanut butter like chocolate. Except maybe Peeps, but PB&P just sounds weird and it doesn’t go with the subject of this post, so...

You might remember my post about PB2, the miracle almost-peanut butter with 85% less fat than the real thing. Well, yesterday I went back to Appalachian Outdoors, where I bought my first jar of PB2, because I blew through it alarmingly fast. And sitting next to the PB2 on the shelf was this beauty:

For the record, I think it should be "fewer"?

That’s right, chocolate PB2! I saw this last time, but I didn’t get it because I didn’t know if the whole powdered peanut butter thing would work for me. Obviously it did, and since I loooove Reese’s and Butterfingers, this went in my bag along with another jar of the regular PB2.

The nutrition information is almost identical, minus one gram of protein.

And so I bet you can guess what my bedtime snack was. Well, part of it anyway:

Might as well admit it...I had PB2 for dinner, too.

I’ve given up following the directions and measuring an exact tablespoon of water per two tbsp PB2, because I always end up adding more water and it’s still fairly thick. In the past week I’ve gotten pretty good at eyeballing it so I just turn on the faucet in fill up my little mixing glass till it looks like enough.

Well, the chocolate PB2 is different. Or maybe my last jar of PB2 was special. Either way, my chocolate PB2 was very runny. Like, thinner than pudding. But I didn’t care. I dipped a few giant marshmallows in it, but I ended up eating most of it off the spoon.

Even in its liquid state, it was good. I can’t say it had a strong chocolate flavor. It’s only a little darker than the PB2, so maybe I should have taken that as a hint. In all, I thought it tasted pretty much the same as the regular stuff. Not as much chocolate as I was expecting.

Granted, the fact that I drowned it and turned it into a drinkable consistency probably affected all of that. Maybe if it weren’t so diluted with water...hmm, I’ll have to try some again tonight!

UPDATE: I did try this again with less water, and the mixture turned out a lot darker, see:

MUCH better! It does taste a little less like the regular PB2 this way, too, although I'm not sure how chocolatey I would call it...maybe the mixture of tastes just makes it hard to separate the chocolate from the PB2! Either way, it hit the spot with some celery sticks!

Taste: 10--pretty much the same as the regular PB2, although less water may change my opinion.
Texture: 9--you can change the texture to your liking by using more/less water (some experimentation required!).
Health: 9--the same as PB2, minus 1g protein
Eat Again? Unless my second attempt really blows my mind, I’ll take the regular PB2. I might swap this in once in a while just to change things up.
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