Saturday, June 23, 2012

Review: Life Choice Cookies & Cream Energy Bar

When I think of cookies and cream I always think of ice cream. A lot of people swear by it, but I often overlook it among all the designer flavors out there today--cake batter, cookie dough, peanut butter cup, Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon’s hard for me to get excited about because it just seems too simple. But without fail, whenever actually I work myself up to eating it, I always want another scoop.

There’s something about cookies and cream that just works. Which is probably why almost every product comes in a cookies and cream flavor, including these energy bars from Life Choice:

“If you need a little pick-me-up, pick up our cookies & cream energy bar. Get a balanced combination of protein and vitamins with the comforting, yummy flavors of cookies and milk.”

I’m not sure if the white coating is yogurt, the “cream” part of cookies and cream, or maybe white chocolate. Whatever it is, it tastes good!


The inside looks pretty much like the picture on the website. It’s got a cookie-dough color, which is promising. The dark spots are cookie pieces, although honestly I can’t tell the difference between these and mini chocolate chips. The little white things are probably some of the oats in the filling.

I mentioned cookie dough earlier...and that is exactly what these remind me of! It doesn’t taste exactly like the stuff you lick out of the mixing bowl, but it’s pretty darn close. It’s very soft and you can definitely tell when you hit a cookie piece because it crunches and you get that chocolate chip cookie taste. The (yogurt?) coating just helps seal the deal.

Unfortunately, these don’t have the best nutrition stats. It’s basically a candy bar with some extra nutrients. The first two ingredient on the list is dried cane syrup, and the sugar is correspondingly high (24g). There are also a lot of carbs, but you sort of expect that with energy bars. Nutritionally these don’t compare to Life Choice’s protein bars, but you do get a fair amount of protein (8g) and they taste a lot better.

These are more something I would eat for dessert because they really are sweet! Even if they’re a jacked-up candy bar, they still taste like cookie dough which is what I would probably be eating otherwise. So I can replace less nutritious dessert choices with this bar and be a little healthier.

Taste: 10--who DOESN’T like cookie dough? I’m still giving it a 10 even though it’s more cookie dough than cookies and cream, just because I love cookie dough.
Texture: 10--completes the cookie dough fantasy.
Health: 5--lots of sugar, and on top of that most of the fat is saturated. Still, better than real cookie dough.
Eat Again? Most definitely! Especially when I have a sweet tooth but don’t want to get into ice cream or cookies.

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