Friday, June 22, 2012

Review: Life Choice Peanut Butter Extreme High Protein Bar

OK. You know I love peanut butter. It tastes good on everything! I could eat it plain out of the jar. I gross people out sometimes with what I put it on...the usual (celery, apples, bananas, crackers, bread); also Peeps (makes a great sandwich), carrots, lettuce, rice cakes, pretzels, cheese, Oreos. Jeez, I would even dip a Nutter Butter in peanut butter!

So, since I was pleasantly surprised by the Life Choice Double Chocolate protein bars, I decided to try the peanut butter ones too.

The stats are almost the same as the Double Chocolate: 21g of protein, 8g of fat, 7g of sugar, and 210 calories. I suppose the fat increase has to do with the peanut butter, I’ve noticed it’s an unfortunate side effect BUT it can be mitigated by the amazing PB2. But that's another story so back to our current one....

“When you take your workouts to the extreme, you need extreme protein to rebuild muscle. Our creamy, chewy, tasty peanut butter protein bars are filled with the nutrition you need—and 21 grams of protein—to take your body to the next level.”

OK, this one definitely looks like peanut butter! These things actually kind of remind me of king-sized candy bars until you bite into them...
(Ha! Can you tell we like candy in my house? And yes, that's the scoop out of my protein powder in the background.)

Again, like the chocolate, there are little rice crispies mixed into the filling. I probably should have cut it rather than biting, but I was hungry!

While the chocolate bar was really, really soft and gooey, this one was harder to bite. It’s soft up to a point, then you get to the middle of the bar and you meet some unexpected resistance. It adds some substance...I kind of like it! The crispies aren’t as obvious here as in the chocolate version, I think it’s because of the harder texture. It definitely slowed me down--I didn’t plow through this one nearly as fast!

So...peanut butter taste? This (or perhaps just taste in general?) seems to be an area that protein bar manufacturers need to work on. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely tasted peanut butter, just not a whole lot of it. There were other flavors mixed in there too (yes, that “protein-y” flavor that is inherent in all protein bars). It definitely tasted more like peanut butter than the thinkThin Chunky bar I tried a while ago
. For taste, I’d say it’s a draw between this one and the Double Chocolate.

Once again, a nice one from Life Choice!

Taste: 7.5--sort of peanut buttery but for a protein bar, it's practically candy.
Texture: 9--a little harder than the Double Chocolate, but not a struggle.
Health: 9--comparable to the Double Chocolate, with more fat but less sugar.
Eat Again? Yes. I can't eat the chocolate ones every day, can I?

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