Friday, July 20, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again (Again)

Well, I finally tried riding again for the first time since my sports doctor gave me permission (again) on Monday. Of course it poured yesterday and today, so I was stuck inside, where everything is dusty and shadowy (aka “scary”). But Sydney behaved himself nicely even when the dogs started barking right outside the big door at one end of the ring. He even tolerated me flopping around like…well, like I hadn’t ridden in over two months.

As I was finishing up I did notice that my back was sore, so I guess we’ll see how it feels tomorrow and go from there. With strict orders to leave at least seven days between rides, I won’t be trying again until next Friday at the earliest.

Which is unfortunate, because Sydney needs the exercise. I had to let the girth out an extra two holes to get my saddle on! He seems to be expanding…diet time!

But he still got a post-workout snack! Remember the Kashi Peanut Peanut Butter bars I tried? Well, Sydney likes numerous human foods (think Doritos, Chex mix, French fries, Cheerios, chocolate donuts, and Famous Amos cookies), so why not these too? It would save me from having to eat the rest of the box (I’ve eaten two).


Hmm...inside + rainy day = bad lighting :(
I can’t say he was thrilled with them, either. He flung his head around a lot while he was chewing it. Which is funny, since in my opinion they really don’t taste that much different than horse oats. However…

Stan (aka Princess), our resident picky eater, begs to differ. He was making faces for five minutes straight; I was surprise he actually even put it in his mouth. Maybe they are more peanut buttery than I gave them credit for.

And finally, you didn’t think I’d forget Peter, did you?

He is too cute for his own good!
Not a great picture, but his reaction was pretty much the same as Syd’s—head-tossing and  tongue-slurping. And then he looked at me like, “What the hell did you just feed me? Is that supposed to pass for food?” So of course I gave him a “real” (meant for horses) cookie.

I split one bar between the three of them, so I’m left with three more bars that I guess I’m going to have to eat. I know Sydney would eat them simply because they were food offered from my hand. I mean, he ate Bute plain from my hand, which is like chewing aspirin. But I would feel bad taking advantage of his eternal hungriness. :)

So—overall, good day. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on the soreness and crossing my fingers that it just goes right away…because I need my horse therapy!!
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