Saturday, July 21, 2012

Review: Balance Bar Gold Chocolate Peanut Butter

OK, first off a HUGE breakthrough occurred in my house yesterday/today...I got my mom and my sister to try a Life Choice Double Chocolate protein bar!! Since we’re all vegetarians (although my dad eats fish), we need protein! The problem is, up till now I think my mom and sister were both a little afraid of protein bars. Well, I finally managed to convince them to give it a try...

Smiling because she didn't take a bite yet...

According to my mom they taste “pretty good.” My sister took one bite and told me it tasted like one of those chewy calcium vitamins. She took a few more bites and I noticed she was slowing down; when I mentioned it she said, “Well now it’s starting to taste gross so I’m taking little bites.” Oops. And when she finished she chugged water to get rid of the aftertaste, which she described with some hand-waving and a whole-body shiver thing. Oh, well, at least she tried. I may still be able to get her hooked on Quest bars. :)

So anyway, I also tried something new last night: the Balance Bar Gold Chocolate Peanut Butter. I guess this is semi-new, since I’ve had both Balance Bars and chocolate-peanut butter-flavored nutrition bars before. But still, each one is different in its own right.

Chocolate and peanut butter were made for each other. These two irresistible ingredients combine with improved texture and a more indulgent taste to give you the sweetness you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, followed by lasting energy in this Chocolate Peanut Butter Balance Bar.
I certainly agree with the first sentence! The Gold line from Balance Bar, while maintaining the balanced 40-30-30 nutrition of the Original line, is even more unique because it boasts three layers: the usual coating and protein/nutrition components, but there’s also a gooey filling on top of the protein part. In this case, it was chocolate. I could tell right away that it was there because some of it actually leaked out of the bar:

It made breaking the bar in half a fun task:

Look at that stretch! Despite the gooeyness on top, the bar was actually pretty hard to break open because of the protein layer. Not sure how that bodes for eating it.


Just looking at it, you get a nice extra-gooey Reese’s impression. It’s like all other chocolate peanut butter protein bars. (Except that the filling spilling out it making my mouth water.) The problem is that so many of them don’t live up to their appearances.

Well, I’m sorry to say that this one didn’t either. On the first bite, I got a very nice chocolate/peanut butter vibe, and the filling was awesome and squishy in my mouth. But as I moved on I sort of experienced the same thing as my sister this morning. It actually didn’t taste like peanut butter at all. It was SERIOUSLY FLAT. I loved the coating and chocolate goo, but the “peanut butter” part ruined it; it was like eating a chocolate-covered protein patty.

The texture was kind of disappointing, too. I know I shouldn’t have gotten into Reese’s-mode from the appearance, but I was thinking it would be softer. I should have paid attention to what happened when I tried to break it. Basically, your top teeth sink through the goo really easily and then you suddenly hit the protein part and you’re working. It’s not jaw-breaking, but when I think chocolate and peanut butter, I think creamy (unless it’s marked as crunchy). This isn't crunchy hard, but more of a soft thud.

While this bar isn’t terrible, it definitely leaves something to be desired. The chocolate parts (which aren’t the nutritional part anyway) are amazing by themselves. But the protein part is dry and hard, and unfortunately it gets left over after the other stuff is gone. The result is that you’re tasting protein for a while. Which is disappointing for a review that used the word gooey at least ten times.

Taste: 5--mostly due to the “peanut butter.” The coating and goo are amazing but the protein flavor ruins it.
Texture: 7--the hardness of the protein part is disconcerting with the gooey chocolate, but not unbearable.
Health: 8--it has 14g of protein and brags about vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, but watch the saturated fat and sugar. GoodGuide gives it a 6.7.
Eat Again? Probably not.


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