Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: Balance Bar Original Cookie Dough

Aren't you proud of me? I’m branching out a little bit! New brand, new flavor...I have another post-swimming (read: aqua-jogging) trip to Wegmans to thank for this little discovery: Balance Bar Original Cookie Dough flavor. It has 15g of protein and 210 calories, with a low glycemic index (GI) of 24 (that means it won’t spike your blood sugar); it also contains 23 vitamins and minerals.

Balance Bars are known for their 40-30-30 “balanced” nutrition: 40% of the calories are from carbs, and 30% each from protein and dietary fat. So maybe this is more of an “energy” bar, but that’s just getting nitpicky. It does have a lot of protein. To quote the website:
"Who says cookie dough can't be good for you? Get lasting energy from the rich, yet nutritious, flavors of chocolate chip cookie dough in this lip-smackingly tasty bar."
“Lip-smackingly”? Hmm...


This is another small one. It’s even shorter in length than the Life Choice protein bars, which I thought were small [LINK]. That was a little disappointing, but more than made up for when I broke it in half...


It was oh so ooey gooey inside! This one has real promise as a cookie dough substitute.

My immediate impression of the first bit was, wow. Sweet. Doughey. I can’t believe this thing is a protein bar! But...just wait till you finish that bite before you get all excited, because unfortunately there’s an aftertaste. I can’t really describe it (surprise!), but it was sort of like what happened with the thinkThin Creamy Peanut Butter bar. Sort of bitter, definitely not something I wanted hanging around in my mouth.

I’m not saying this is a bad bar. While I was physically chewing it was amazing--really sweet and easy to take. It’s been so hot out that the chocolate coating got all melty and extra-creamy, which made the doughey texture even better. The chocolate chips mixed in were good for breaking it up, sort of a fun crunch factor. Weirdly enough, the funky taste seemed to emanate from the chocolate chips, but I could be imagining things.

When there’s no more bar left, however, you’re stuck with that aftertaste, and it’s really not something you want to have hanging around in your mouth. The solution? A few big spoonfuls of PB2 takes care of everything!

Taste: 8--truly amazing until the aftertaste kicks in; have something handy to wash it down with.
Texture: 10--doughey and creamy, with the chocolate chips adding a fun crunch!
Health: 8--lots of protein, but watch out for the fats and sugars. GoodGuide gives this bar a 6.7 health score with warnings about those two ingredients.
Eat Again? Yes, even with the weird aftertaste.

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