Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Kashi GoLean Crunchy! Chocolate Almond

Maybe you’re wondering why I picked up another new Kashi bar after my last two experiences with them. (Plus, it's not peanut butter, what am I thinking?!) But I was far from nervous about trying the Chocolate Almond flavor from the GoLean Crunchy! family, since that line of products seems to be a success. I really liked the Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Peanut varieties, so this was a big moment...

Surprise! (Or not.) It looks just like the other two, except it’s chocolate-colored. I’m not going to bore you with more pictures, because it’s really the standard GoLean Crunchy! deal: the granola part (obviously, this one has almonds mixed in), and then a chocolate coating on the bottom. This one seemed to have a thinner coating, which was also amazingly smooth...oh well, that probably varies from day to day.

Anyway, who cares about aesthetics--we want taste! Fortunately, this bar delivers. It smells like cocoa, and it tastes like cocoa. It kind of reminds me of the chocolate Rice Krispies Treats I used to eat as a kid...I loved those things! Of course, there’s a bit of a nutty flavor to Kashi’s version.

Overall, the almonds are pretty subtle. As I got to the end of the bar, though, I happened upon a huge cluster of almonds and I really noticed their taste. I was surprised, but the sweet/salty combination actually kind of worked...although I do prefer it when the chocolate is more dominant. :)

As far as texture, this bar seemed more malleable than the other Crunchy! flavors. It was a bit softer and easier to break, but still crunchy enough to be...well, Crunchy!, although you can tell when you hit an almond as opposed to the regular granola. And no annoying popcorn pieces like in the Chocolate Caramel bar! This is another one I don’t mind adding to my breakfast-on-the-go options.

I have yet to try the Chocolate Pretzel and Cinnamon Coffee Cake flavors, but they’re definitely on my bucket list!

Taste: 8--kind of like a chocolate Rice Krispies Treat, with salty nuts thrown in. I still like the caramel flavor better, though.
Texture: 9--soft but still nicely crunchy, some consistency issues with the almonds.
Health: 7--like the whole Crunchy! line, it has a decent amount of fiber and protein and it a great snack option if you like chocolate and nuts. The GoodGuide review gives it a 5.7, due in part to the sugar content.
Eat Again? Yes!

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