Thursday, July 19, 2012

Review: Life Choice Chocolate Mint High Protein Bar

How sad. This is the last flavor of Life Choice Protein bars.

Just kidding! Well, it really is the last flavor I havent tried yet, but it’s hard to be sad when they are all so satisfying. I almost feel bad reviewing this bar after having tried the two flavors Quest sent me, because can I really be fair now? But I my best shot at a totally unbiased review here. Because these protein bars really are good, if you respect them for what they are.

So anyway, here’s the Grand Minty Finale from the Life Choice protein line:

Blah blah, it looks exactly the same as the Double Chocolate. Maybe a little bit darker.

Oooh, rice crunchies AND chunks of mint! (I think the mint are the darker ones because the Double Chocolate ones have the white things in them too).

My immediate impression was that this tastes exactly like Andes Candies. I was totally amazed, thinking that Life Choice had created a protein bar with none of that obligatory proteininess AT ALL. But I kept chewing, and I realized that when you first pop this in your mouth what you taste is the coating and the mint chunks--which is basically what Andes Candies are. Then after a couple of chews, the flavor of the filling (which after all contains the protein and is therefore the main point of this bar) settles in. Once you get past the initial minty delight it actually tastes just like the Double Chocolate. I mean, the mint never goes away, but it literally is just the Double Chocolate bar with mint chunks shoved in there. The only difference is in the nutrition information. For some reason this one only has 20g of protein (gasp!), more carbs, and nearly twice the sodium. Hmm, must be those mint chunks.

But after that, you get a nice minty aftertaste. I am not a huge fan of mint, but every once in a while I’ll eat a York or Andes. Maybe once every two years a little bit of mint ice cream (it feels like eating a tube of toothpaste). This did not overwhelm me at all, and it was kind of a nice twist on the Double Chocolate Flavor (although that one is still my favorite protein bar from Life Choice).

As for the texture, this one was drier than the other Life Choice bars, though I wouldn’t class it with the Brownie Crunch disaster. It just wasn’t quite as easy to eat. To give you some idea, when I broke the bar in half for a shot of the inside, it snapped instead of that gooey pulling apart. Still, I'll take it.

Taste: 7.5--basically the Double Chocolate flavor that tastes initially like Andes Candies.
Texture: 7--drier than the other Life Choice bars, but by no means inedible.
Health: 9--I’ve said it before, the Life Choice protein bars give you super protein without a lot of other crap.
Eat Again? Yes. They are a fun variation on the Double Chocolate flavor, and being Life Choice very affordable.

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