Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: Life Choice Peanut Butter Crunch Meal Bar

It looks I’m back to my same old flavor/brand rut...more peanut butter, more Life Choice! I thought about going for something less predictable, but this has been in the cabinet for a while now, and I wanted to make sure it was still fresh when I tried it. If meal bars go bad, that is.

So here’s the Life Choice Peanut Butter Crunch Meal Bar, according to the website:

“A quick meal now comes in a bar… our peanut butter crunch meal replacement bar, to be exact. Get the goodness of peanuts, plus protein and an impressive line-up of other star nutrients to help you stay satisfied—without the trans-fat.”
And here it is in real life:

The coating is the same as the Peanut Butter Extreme protein bar, a nice peanut-buttery brown color. I think this bar has been through a few temperature cycles, it’s definitely looking a bit worse for the wear...

...but the insides are still intact! I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was really orange inside. But aesthetics don’t really matter as long as it tastes good.

So does it taste good? Well, yeah. I did like it...but be warned, this bar is really sweet! If you enjoy mixing equal parts peanut butter and sugar, look no further! The sweetness almost overrides the peanut butter flavor. That’s all well and good for someone like me with a humongous sweet tooth, but at times the sweetness could be off-putting.

The coating by itself was my favorite part, so I’m thinking all the sugar is in whatever holds the rice crisps together. I still can’t believe this has less sugar than the Kashi Oatmeal Raisin bar I reviewed yesterday! (It also has the same amount of protein and more fiber, but more sodium.)

On the plus side, the texture was great. It was basically a Rice Krispies Treat with a creamy coating. Very agreeable to chew and satisfyingly crispy.

So in all, I’d say substitute this when you’re craving peanut butter candy (Butterfingers, look out!) or cookies...or a straight spoonful of sugar. At 180 calories, I wouldn’t call this a “meal replacement” bar anyway. Just don’t blame me if your taste buds explode from sugar overload.

Taste: 7.5--too sweet to be an accurate imitation of peanut butter, but good for a sweet tooth.
Texture: 10--evenly and satisfyingly crispy throughout.
Health: 6.5--contains protein, fiber, lots of essential vitamins...and a lot of sodium and sugar.
Eat Again? Yes, but they aren’t my favorite from Life Choice.

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