Monday, July 23, 2012

Review: Life Choice Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Energy Bar

We’re getting closer...the end is near...I have now sampled all but two of the Life Choice bars!

I can hear you either cheering because you’re that close to never having to hear from me about Life Choice again, or groaning because there are still two more!

Well, today’s is at least a little refreshing, since I’ve only reviewed one other energy bar. Strictly speaking I’m not a huge fan of their nutritional profile (in comparison to the other Life Choice bars), but hey--a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip energy bar is better than a Reese’s when it’s all said and done.

So here we go:

“Creamy peanut butter with rich chocolate has always been a flavor combination made in heaven. Now this dynamic duo comes together once again in our delectable energy bar, packed with protein and nutrients to give you the extra pep you need.”
Oh good, I need some pep!

Hmm, another one that's been through a few temperature cycles...
I’ve noticed that the energy bars aren’t as tall as the other kinds. Each variety seems to have its own unique shape so that you can usually tell them apart even without the wrapper. This one looks just like the Cookies & Cream bar, with a different coating.

I mentioned Reese’s before, didn’t I? I must be psychic...or I’ve eaten way too many nutrition/protein bars labeled “chocolate peanut butter.” Anyway, the inside looks promising. The thing I love about the Life Choice energy bars is the soft interior. I like crispy, but sometimes (especially with flavors like peanut butter or cookie dough) I want something creamier.

Since the Cookies & Cream version was such a success, I was holding out high hopes for the rest of the energy bars. Although it’s hard to top something that makes you feel like you’re eating a white chocolate-coated tube of cookie dough.

My first impression was that the main flavor is chocolate, but there is a definite peanut butter presence here. It’s not as strong as real peanut butter or even a Reese’s by any means, but it’s more obvious than any other peanut butter bar I’ve tried so far. The coating is the usual Life Choice chocolate, which is basically what you would find on a Reese’s cup. The twist comes with the chocolate chips. I’ve never even thought of combining peanut butter with chocolate chips...ooh, that would make a wicked cookie, wouldn’t it? Anyway, whoever came up with that idea was a genius. They add a nice surprising thud to this otherwise doughy bar.

So it definitely passes the peanut butter test, but there’s also (again) that weird flavor hiding underneath. As with the Chocolate Pretzel meal bar, though, you have to know what you’re looking for in order to find it. The filling also has a slight oaty taste to it, but since I love oatmeal cookies that totally worked for me. If you’re going for pure peanut butter you’re probably going to be disappointed (and your expectations of a poor little energy bar are waaay too high).

Final verdict? This is the best bar yet as far as imitating a Reese’s, but it still falls pretty short. If you want a healthier replacement for candy, though, this could be it. The flavor is definitely well done, although I still like the Cookies & Cream bar better (I’m a sucker for any baked good in raw form). I think this bar is definitely worth a try for peanut butter fans out there.

Taste: 9--most peanut buttery bar yet, but there’s also a (very small) hint of oats that may throw you off.
Texture: 10--doughy with the chocolate chips adding a nice thud.
Health: 5--there’s a reason they give you energy, and it’s the sugar. The fat content is also higher than Life Choice’s other kinds of bars.
lots of sugar, and on top of that most of the fat is saturated. Still, better than real cookie dough.
Eat Again? Yes, if I want a “Reese’s” but not a Reese’s.

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