Sunday, July 22, 2012

Review: Life Choice White Chocolate Pretzel Meal Bar

So I stopped by Walmart yesterday for some fruit, veggies, and ice cream (which one of these is not like the others ;)). Now, since Walmart is the only place that sells Life Choice bars, of course I had to hit up the granola bar aisle. And guess what I found?


The White Chocolate Pretzel meal bar! This leaves one more I still need to buy, two I have in the basement waiting to try, and one review I haven’t yet posted from a while ago. I may decide to bombard you with that one later today, so watch out.

Anyway, the website certainly makes it sound attractive:
“Would you have ever thought crunchy pretzels and creamy white chocolate could help you achieve your weight loss goals? Loaded with protein and other nutrients, our delicious, trans-fat free white chocolate pretzel meal replacement bars make the dream a reality as part of a weight management plan with diet and exercise.”
All right, I’m definitely NOT going for weight loss here; I just like eating granola bars.. But I am a huge fan of white chocolate and in my opinion the only way to enjoy pretzels is with something (e.g. chocolate, peanut butter, cheese...) on them.

The first thing that surprised me about this bar was the size. It is by far the smallest Life Choice bar, and that even though I’ve noticed the meal bars tend to be a little bigger on average. So that was disappointing, but I went ahead and investigated the insides as well:


The darker spots mixed in there are the pretzels, which makes this meal bar unique in that the other two consisted only of crispy rice, which was flavored. Here, the pretzel flavor comes from actual pretzels in there with the rice crispies.

I enjoyed this bar a lot. Especially the coating. You can see in the first picture that the coating was really thick in some places and thinner in others; the thick parts were the best bites. But the pretzels added a nice salty touch to balance the sweetness of the white chocolate and the rice crispies mixture. They also added an extra chewiness; this one isn’t as crispy as the other meal bars from Life Choice. It seemed like more of a pretzel/oats texture.

The pretzels weren’t obvious in their presence; it was more of a subtle taste. I’d say they affected the texture more than the flavor. However, there were some bites that, when you finished chewing, there was a bit of pretzel still stuck in your teeth and you got the full flavor of it. The overall effect was pretty cool.

I will say that I got a hint of weird flavor similar to the Chocolate Crunch meal bar, but not as strong. It was only an occasional undercurrent, so I didn’t really mind it. I think the salty pretzels helped mitigate it. You  have to try pretty hard to pick it up. In all, this is probably my favorite of the three meal bars.

Taste: 9--a slight off taste, but it’s masked by the salty pretzels and sweet coating. The coating is definitely the star!
Texture: 10--more chewy than crispy, with a nice pretzel crunch spread throughout.
Health: 6.5--it does have a lot of vitamins, minerals, and protein, but watch the sodium and sugar.
Eat Again? Yes. They are my favorite of the three Life Choice meal bars.


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