Saturday, July 14, 2012

Review: Quest Protein Bar Cinnamon Roll

I had a pretty yucky start to my day yesterday. First I dropped one of my favorite earrings in the toilet at the YMCA and there was NO WAY I was going to stick my hand in there to get it back. So I watched morosely as I pulled the flusher and it vanished.

Then my normal bike route to work was blocked off for Arts Festival, so I ended up pushing the bike most of the way--and up and down several sets of stairs. Which was a major pain in the butt, as well as time-consuming.

But then I came home and what do I find in the mail but--surprise!--two free protein bars from Quest Nutrition! A few weeks ago I entered one of their Facebook promotions. They were giving away two free bars to 500 people. I’d pretty much forgotten about it...who wins stuff like that? I guess I should have learned after the pony....

Anyway, they came in a cute little box just big enough to fit them. I got two flavors: Cinnammon Roll and Chocolate Brownie. What, do these people know me or something??

I dove for the Cinnamon Roll:


Uh-oh. No coating. The wrapper was really hard to get unstuck from the bar. I was starting to get nervous...can I stomach a protein bar without any sugary coating? But it really did smell like cinnamon rolls so I took some courage from that.

For my first bite I just took a teeny nibble off the corner:


Suffice it to say this bar did not last long after that. It was by far the best protein bar I’ve tasted yet! Each bite tasted like cinnamon rolls, at least as much so as the Kellogg’s Cinnabon snack bar. Only the texture was so much more substantial. Now matter how much I loved it, I could not rush through it because this is no soft, wimpy bar. It is chewy in a very satisfying, gummy sort of way. If you try to eat it too fast, your jaws are going to get tired.

My favorite part was the juiciness in each bite. It sort of fills up your mouth and there is this amazing frosting vibe. And then there’s a grittiness that reminds me of the cinnamon/sugar combo. Perfect.

My only complaint is the stickiness. It sticks to everything! Don’t put it down or you’ll leave sticky gook everywhere. It makes it especially hard to eat this while typing, because your fingers get...well, sticky. :) So I would recommend only peeling the wrapper off partway and using it to hold the bar. Unwrap as you go.

The best part is, Quest bars are gluten free and contain 20g of protein. They have 24g of carbs, but 17 of them are fiber!! That’s impressive!

Needless to say, this bar brightened up my day. It puts all the other ones I
ve tried to shame. Stay tuned to see if Chocolate Brownie lives up to the challenge...

Taste: 10--WOW. That’s all I can say. Like, WOW.
Texture: 9--pleasant cinnamon/sugar grit, substantively chewy, but unfortunately way too sticky.
Health: 10--Holy protein and fiber, Batman! That’s no candy bar in disguise!
Eat Again? Hell yeah! If only there was a store closer than Pittsburgh that carried them...

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