Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: Quest Protein Bar Peanut Butter Supreme

The Chocolate Brownie Quest bars have finally made the rounds at my house, ending this morning with my sister. After I found out that you can microwave them, I tried it once and let me tell you, 10 seconds really takes it to another level! I could fool myself into believing it was a brownie. So of course I told them all how amazing it was. :)

Apparently my sentiment isn’t universal; Zoe admitted it was better than the Life Choice bar she had, but still gross with the aftertaste. (What aftertaste?? :-/) My mom said she could see eating one every night, and my dad said it was pretty good, although he also likes PowerBars and hates peanut butter.... All three of them ate it microwaved.

There was something new for me too: the Peanut Butter Supreme Quest bar! Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?


There are real live, big peanut chunks in there! I think the dark things are almonds. This bar seemed more compact than the other two I’ve tried, and less sticky--I could put it down on a napkin, no problem.


After taking a bite, I can also say it’s a lot harder to bite into and chew than the others, too. This may not be the case universally, as I’ve heard that they’re not always soft and fresh coming from third-party vendors (I got these from Either way, my front teeth kind of hurt a little bit from trying to get the first chunk off. It was work but not awful to chew; just don
’t try it when you’re in a hurry!

I ate half of the bar as is and then microwaved the other half. On its own, it’s respectable, but I wouldn’t say it has a strong peanut butter flavor. The flavor isn’t bad, it just is. I know it sounds weird but there’s almost a faint toffee thing going on. The peanuts come through a little bit, but they’re not as strong as peanuts in other bars tend to be. The overall effect is faintly like chunky peanut butter.

On to the microwave! After 10 seconds it still seemed pretty hard to the touch, so I put it in for another five...I still wasn’t sure it was soft enough until I bit into it. Microwaving really helped the texture; although it wasn’t as gooey as the brownie ones get, it was a lot softer.

The microwave also brought out the peanut butter flavor a little bit more. But it was only a little bit. The main effect was to make it easier to chew and make the peanut crunch more obvious. Heated up, it was a very satisfying bar, although if you’re a peanut butter fanatic you will probably disappointed that there isn’t more peanut butter flavor.

Overall, it was good, but I’m not crazy about it. Given the cost ($2.39 for a single bar or $24.99 for a box of 12),  I’d probably go for a box of Life Choice first. And this comes nowhere close to even touching the Cinnamon Roll flavor!

Taste: 8--faintly peanut buttery, though not what I think of when I see “supreme.” The peanut chunks do help out.
Texture: 8--a little hard but not jawbreaking; heated up it’s soft but still firm.
Health: 10--again, great nutritional profile. You won’t have to worry about your daily fiber requirement after this!
Eat Again? With so many other choices that either taste better or cost less...honestly, probably not.


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