Monday, August 6, 2012

Alien Invasion

OK, time for more food pictures! Since we ate Mexican for dinner the night we got here, instead of the usual pizza, we just had do have our pizza Sunday night! After an intense game of mini-golf (I lost), we walked down to 9th Street, where Planet Pizza resides.

This tradition started years ago, when we picked the restaurant because my sister and I loved Toy Story. Only the restaurant in which Buzz Lightyear earns himself a loyal following of alien toys is called Pizza Planet. I can never keep them straight. So from this point forward, no matter what order I type those two words, I am referring to the pizza place we visited last night.

I think the place in Toy Story had better decorations, though. For example, this guy

was staring straight at us the whole time. And this alien waitress lady?

Umm, can you say boobs? She’s worse than Barbie!

BUT, back to the food, which totally made up for the decor. I was exciting about my choices Saturday night, but last night I got a chance to be boring. Just plain old, simple cheese pizza. Why mess with what works?

The other half was Mediterranean, for my parents. Garlic, tomatoes, onions, feta, and probably something else. It looks good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately I don’t like tomatoes or onions…. But they said it was amazing.

I just have to insert here that I tried three French fries and confirmed that it’s not just the ones from our local pizza place back home that I don’t like. I’m actually quite depressed about this. :(

But, the pizza was amazing! Now I remember why I thought this was the best pizza on the planet.

Check out that string of cheese! The pizza was steaming when it arrived, so we dug in with forks at first. In fact the whole time we were there, the service was great. We were seated immediately, and my dad got his salad about 20 seconds after we ordered. The French fries came a minute later, and we had hardly started on those before the pizza came! Wow!

My only complaint (besides the decorations) was that the pizza was a little greasy for my taste. Some of the slices had little puddles of it. I’m one of those weirdos who soaks it off with a napkin (sorry if that grosses you out), so that was a fixable problem, and as far as I could tell didn’t affect the taste.

I think what makes this pizza work is the crust/cheese combo. The crust is very thick and fluffy at the edge of the pizza, so it’s almost like eating a freshly baked roll. But the rest of it is really thin, and the cheese definitely isn’t skimpy, so it’s just like eating melted cheese! There’s also not very much sauce at all—I didn’t even think about it until now, when I just realized that I didn’t taste it.

Sorry Papa John, the aliens make better pizza than you. But don’t take it too harshly, I’m sure they have a technological advantage, too.
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