Monday, August 27, 2012

Fresh Start

Wow—first day back at class! It’s weird seeing campus so full after biking to work along empty streets all summer, as well as frustrating having to avoid killing pedestrians and still be on time for class. But no matter how strange all that is, it’s weirder still to think that this is my last year in school.
I had an hour-plus break after my first two classes this morning, so I sat munching on a Luna bar (which should appear with a post of its very own sometime soon) on a bench in the HUB, trying (unsuccessfully) to get wireless on my computer. And then I heard my name.

Who should appear but a guy I met last fall in my Computer Engineering class. We worked together on the last few projects—two computer science majors trying hopelessly to design a processor to the professor’s specifications.

So the last time I saw him was last winter. In fact, in one of the last conversations I remember having with him, I told him I was finally healed, had just started running again, and was loving every minute of it.

So when, like any normal person, he asked, “What have you been up to since last fall?” I just sort of gaped at him like an idiot. How could I tell him that I’d taken the final unknowingly nursing two fractured heels? That I’d been through doctor after doctor—sports doctor, regular doctor, nutritionist—been given EKGs, unable to break the cycle of appointments? That, after finally leaving all that behind and getting back into running again, I’d broken my pelvis falling from a midget pony?

So I just said, “Working.”

We talked for a while. This guy is totally awesome, and not just because he spent so much time saying my help got him an A-minus in that course. I told him about my courses, and he said he’d wanted to sign up for one—iOS app development—that I’m taking now, but it conflicted with another class. Which happened to be one I took last fall and hated. So we spent a long time trading advice. It was so easy to talk to him, so nice that he was genuinely glad to see me. Sometimes you have a class with someone and then never talk to them again.

But what was really great? He talked to me exactly like he did last fall. Like I was the exact same person. Like I hadn’t put my body through hell and ended up broken. Like I was a normal person.

It was so refreshing, I’m glad I didn’t utter a word about what really happened between last fall and now. I’ve spent so much time around people who know my history, who are always watching, always weighing, always careful about what they say (or don’t say), that this one little chat totally made my day. I couldn’t ask for a better start to a new school year.
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