Sunday, August 5, 2012

Muy Bien!

Hello from Virginia Beach! That’s the view from one of the windows in our condo. We finally arrived around 6 last night...he traffic was a bummer. I think our Garmin was telling us we had an hour left for at least an hour before we started making any time! Then we had to unpack, grocery shop…oh yeah, and eat dinner!

A couple of days ago, I mentioned some of the places we usually go. We usually do pizza the night we arrive at the beach, but we all wanted Mexican! So we headed over to the Plaza Azteca, which has always been a favorite.

It took all of two minutes for us to get seats, drinks, and of course the obligatory nachos.

You know, the ones you stuff yourself with before you remember they’re bringing you a huge meal later…or maybe that’s just my problem.

Now in the past when we came I was never very adventurous with food, and so I always stuck with what I already knew I’d like: cheese quesadillas. They were actually on the “Sides” menu, and my sister and I would always order two each (one quesadilla is, apparently, one tortilla folded over; I think that’s half a quesadilla, don’t you?). But this time I wanted something different.

So I looked up the menu online about a week ago and decided what I wanted. (Talk about obsessive food planning, I know!) Well, the online menu must be out-of-date, because Vegetarian E was not on the list. In fact, there weren’t even five vegetarian options.

At some point in the past this probably would have sent me into a panic. But this time I just calmly looked over the choices and then…well, chose. Oh, so nice and simple!

So here it is: the Durango!

Oooh yum! The big one on the right is a potato burrito, and on the left is a cheese enchilada…

…with a cheese quesadilla on the side. OK, it was supposed to be mushroom, but I asked for it without the mushrooms because I don’t like them. Plus, nothing should ever mess up cheese!

If you’re not drooling, there’s something wrong with you. I was! And I am now just remembering this meal, it was that good. The potatoes inside the burrito were creamy and buttery sweet. They actually squirted out the end when I went to cut it! The enchilada, stuffed with pure cheese…need I say more? The sauce was sort of sweet, and I’m not really sure I liked it, but then again it wasn’t bad either!

Here’s the inside of that burrito heaven:

When they say stuffed with potatoes, they mean stuffed! But I haven’t even told you about the star of the show yet!

I wanted you to see this quesadilla close up, and I don’t even think that can describe its awesomeness unless you’ve tasted it. Just look at how perfectly fried it is, all crispy and brown on the outside and gooey and cheesy on the inside. They didn’t skimp on the cheese, either. This thing was thick in the middle, greasy, with a buttery tortilla…just perfect!

The best part about all this was, the service was amazing and the portions were reasonable. We left the restaurant within 45 minutes of walking in, and with no leftovers! And that was even with the bowl of chips pre-dinner. Now I remember why I loved this place so much!

So, that was last night’s adventure…as for tonight, I don’t want to bombard you, so I’ll save it for later. Be prepared...there is no shortage of places to eat here!
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