Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On the Road Again

Luckily, starting a day out badly doesn’t set the tone for the rest of it.

That’s my big lesson for today. I began by sleeping through my alarm for half an hour, and when I finally woke up the darn thing wasn’t even making any noise!! The only reason I knew it was supposedly “going off” was because by Droid’s screen was all lit up. So it couldn’t have been entirely my fault. How am I supposed to wake up to a silent alarm?

But today was a big day for me. I had my last (for this injury, anyway) appointment with the sports doctor yesterday, and she cleared me to run.

Actually, the first thing she did was ask what happened to my forehead. To which I had to sheepishly answer, “Sunburn.” I think I mentioned my blisters from not using sunscreen the first day at the beach? Well, then I started molting. Thankfully my face didn’t blister, but nonetheless there is a good-sized scabby blob above my right eye. Oops.

Back down to business, I admitted to running 15 minutes three times in the past week. I couldn’t help it; the boardwalk is flat, and seeing hundreds of runners going by is just so tempting. Plus, it didn’t hurt.

She was OK with that, so now I’m back on the same plan I followed coming back from my heel fractures: max of five days a week, increase no more than 20% each week. So today I bumped it up to 18 minutes and went for a lunchtime run from work. You can check it out here.

It was awesome. I ran along a bike path most of the way, through some shady trees that were nice and cool. There were some slight hills, and I started going uphill, so that was a bit of a challenge...but I would rather go up than down! After all these fractures I think I will forever fear running downhill. It’s a shame, because that’s when you can go the fastest. ;)

Everything felt so loose and relaxed. My stride felt easy (after I got up the first hill, anyway). I was trying to take it easy, not think about my pace, and monitor my body for signs of impending doom. So I was surprised when both of my full miles were right around 8:00.

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before. I’ve come back from three injuries now, and each time my stride was better than it was before any of this happened. I think it’s my body’s way of saying THANK YOU for the break from pounding asphalt for hours on end. So there’s another lesson for you. Give your feet a break. Mix it up. Aqua-jog!

And my day ended with a ride and a thunderstorm (thankfully not at the same time). I decided not to push myself riding since I’d already run, so we did about 20 minutes of easy trotting. But believe me, Sydney thought that was more than enough! I believe he’s trying to grow out of his girth so I won’t have anything to strap the saddle on with...hopefully he’ll slim down once I get back into a regular program. ;)

So, next time you sleep through your alarm (or it malfunctions), don’t let it define your day. It might just be your lucky one!
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