Saturday, August 25, 2012

Review: Balance Bar Original Double Chocolate Brownie

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an interesting way to start every review? I could talk how many Balance Bars I’ve tried already, or how they usually have the same protein taste, or how all of my souvenirs from vacation were (like this one) edible. But I would just be repeating myself. So let’s just be simple and to the point.

I ate another Balance Bar. It was called Double Chocolate Brownie.

Word of warning, the entire review isn’t going to be that succinct. If you want to quit while you’re ahead, now’s the time.

Long description, from the website:
“Talk about a trip to chocolate heaven! Rich chocolate brownie flavor with decadent chocolate chips is topped with yet another drizzle of chocolatey goodness, creating this on-the-go high energy bar without the sugar crash of a candy bar.”
So you’re still with me? Well, having found the Chocolate Craze version one of the more palatable flavors, I was hoping this one would be similar. But it had to be the odd one out, didn’t it? Take a close look:

No coating!! I don’t know if there is another Balance Bar in the Original/Gold line that doesn’t have one! Now I’m getting nervous, because it was the chocolate that covered up the proteiny taste in the Chocolate Craze bar, and this one is lacking at least 50% of that chocolate (there are still chocolate chips and a chocolate drizzle). It’s also not as tall as the other bars. Apparently that coating adds some bulk.

On the inside it looks pretty much the same as the Chocolate Craze. There are some chocolate chips in there, but it’s mostly just the protein mixture.

I really don’t know what the final verdict is with this bar. On the one hand, the texture is awesome. It’s very rich and fudgy, with the chocolate chips to break it up with a hard crunch (and burst of chocolate flavor). I’d give this a ten for mimicking a dense brownie in texture.

On the other hand, the taste isn’t the greatest. It starts out like the Chocolate Craze, pretty chocolatey, but then the protein taste comes through pretty strongly. There’s nothing (well, almost nothing) to cover it up, just that measly chocolatey drizzle that doesn’t help much. Actually, I can’t taste the drizzle at all. The chocolate chips help a bit, but I can still taste the bitterness underneath it all.

In the end, I’d say the Chocolate Craze is better, but I like this flavor more than the peanut butter ones. It could just be that I’m getting used to Balance Bars. There’s definitely an element of “learn to like” when it comes to eating protein bars, and I never thought I could choke them down...but look how far I’ve come. Give me another year or so and maybe I’ll be ready for a third attempt at the PowerBars. ;)

Taste: 6.5--it’s pretty chocolatey at first, but the lack of coating allows the protein flavor to really shine.
Texture: 10--it really is just like a very fudgy brownie.
Health: 8--as with most “protein bars,” there is quite a bit of sugar and saturated fats. But, it’s better for you than a brownie.
Eat Again? Probably not.

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