Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review: Kashi goLean Crunchy! (Crisp!) Chocolate Pretzel

I really don’t know what to think about pretzels. Sometimes I’m in the mood for them, but really...they’re just boring. Either that, or they have lots of salt or seasoning or some other decoration (e.g., chocolate) that makes them worse for you. So to sum it up, I’m not a huge fan of pretzels and I don’t eat them often.

Nonetheless, once I started eating Kashi’s goLean Crunchy! bars, I was seized with a mad desire to try all of them...OK, that’s an exaggeration, but I do want to know if there’s one out there that I like more than Chocolate Caramel, which is why I picked up the Chocolate Pretzel flavor when we were at the beach.

“Lightly salted, toasted pretzels with rich chocolate for a salty-sweet all-natural snack bar that is sure to please your taste buds.”
Kashi recently rebranded some of their bars, and these are no longer Crunchy! but Crisp! bars. So in honor of what may very well be the last goLean Crunchy! bar:

They are still exactly the same bar, just with a different name and new packaging. If you need evidence, look no further:

It looks just like the others, with the obvious difference of the pretzel bits. I was a bit disappointed with the chocolate coating on the bottom, though, which was really thin.

Which is why I was surprised that the dominant taste of this bar was...chocolate! It must be from the chocolate chips; they’re really plentiful and spread throughout the bar, not just on top. The oats made up most of the rest of the flavor, with the pretzels coming in last. They’re there, especially in texture, but they’re not glaringly obvious. In fact I’d almost say the name of the product is deceiving, because it implies that the pretzels play a big role. They don’t.

Maybe if the pretzels were bigger, you could taste them more. Or maybe if they were actually salty. The description claims they’re “lightly salted,” but there isn’t even a hint of salt. Which is, of course, my favorite part of pretzels. These pretzels are just thin, short rods with no visible salt and are actually pretty boring.

In texture, this one is just like the other Kashi Crisp! flavors: crispy (duh), like you’d expect a granola bar to be, although Crunchy! is also an accurate description. The pretzels add a slightly harder crunch when you encounter them, but overall it’s just standard granola-bar fare.

Taste: 8--mostly chocolate, which is fine with me, but minus points for not living up to its name.
Texture: 9--crispy, not hard to chew, standard granola bar. The pretzels do add a harder crunch now and then.
Health: 7--protein and fiber to “help you stay full,” but some people aren’t crazy about the sugar content. GoodGuide gives this a 5.6 for health.
Eat Again? Eat, yes. Buy...probably not.

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