Thursday, August 9, 2012

Review: Kashi goLean Roll! Chocolate Turtle

I’ve come to the conclusion that Kashi’s nutrition/granola bars can be divided into two categories: goLean! and not goLean! The products in the latter category usually leave much to be desired, while “goLean!” seems to be code for successful experiments.

So that was why, even after the two granola bars I tried and didn’t like, I picked up this goLean Roll! Chocolate Turtle bar. I suppose you could call it a hunch, or maybe just a desire to confirm my opinion.

s description:

“This deliciously unique snack bar — or should we say roll — has a chewy nougat center that is surrounded by a decadent layer and then rolled in whole grains, nuts, and crisps.”
And here’s the actual product:


Well, it looks good so far--nuts and crisps, check. They are held to the bar by a layer of caramel, which can get a little messy if you don’t enjoy a little stickiness. Now, how about the nougat?


Another check! (It’s those caramel strings that make it stick to things.) Visual promises fulfilled, so what about the taste?

Well, the nougat has a pleasant, sweet, chocolate-ish taste. The caramel is subtle but it definitely adds to the sweetness. It just doesn’t take over the bar. I’m not sure if the rice crispies add anything as far as taste goes, but I can definitely taste the peanuts. The funny thing is that, even though peanuts tend to have a very overpowering flavor when mixed with anything, there really is no dominant flavor to this bar. It has all the components, they’re all there, and they all complement each other nicely. It’s a study in balance.

The texture of the actual bar is very soft and chewy, about what you’d expect from nougat covered in caramel. The peanuts and rice crispies add a crunch, which I guess is a nice contrast to the chewy bar. But honestly, I wouldn’t have minded if they just skipped this part altogether--although it woulld have made the caramel a lot messier.

If you’re looking for one flavor--caramel, nut, or chocolate--to really stand out, this bar isn’t for you. But it is a nice, mellow mix of the three, working together for an overall pleasant experience. This is another success (I mean goLean!) for Kashi.

Taste: 9--sweet, mellow, no dominant flavor; a good blend of nuts, caramel, and chocolate.
Texture: 9--the nougat and caramel are chewy, while the nuts and rice crispies add a contrast. It would also be excellent without the crunch, though.
Health: 5.5--it gives you some protein and fiber to “keep you full,” but it does have quite a bit of sugar. The GoodGuide review gives it a 6.4 for health.
Eat Again? Yes.


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