Monday, August 20, 2012

Review: Luna Bar Nutz Over Chocolate

I have had all of two Luna bars in my lifetime (well, three counting this one), but they were both pretty impressive. Fancy-schmancy icing and sweet dessert-like tastes. The flavors came out really well. And I’ve read so many posts online from people raving about one flavor in particular: Nutz Over Chocolate. Yet up till now I hadn’t bothered to pick it up.

This being Luna, and a popular flavor at that, I set my expectations accordingly high. Could it possibly live up to them?

I opened it up and right away there was a difference:

What?! No pretty icing??

OK, that’s a purely aesthetic concern, so it doesn’t really matter. I’m not going to take points off for appearances because they can be deceiving. What does matter is that this thing smelled like what it was supposed to--a mixture of nuts and chocolate. Actually, I had a hard time deciding if it smelled more like peanuts or peanut butter, but looking at the website’s description I found:

“Richly satisfying chocolate meets peanuts in a crunchy combo.”
OK, we’ll go with peanuts.

Basically, it looks like any of the other chocolate-bottomed granola bars out there. Nothing too exciting this time.

I hate to say it, but that pretty much sums up the whole experience, too. It was a fine bar, I enjoyed it, but it lacked oomph. It was crispy and easy to chew, not sticky, and yes, it tasted like nuts on top of chocolate, but I actually thought it was kind of dry and boring. I really don’t know why I wasn’t impressed, because Luna certainly hasn’t done a bad job here. It just wasn’t very strong.

So color me confused. I guess I expected too much from Luna based on a small percentage of their products. I think I was expecting the flavor to jump out at me more, but sadly this bar just didn’t do it for me. I’ll emphasize again that it was not bad, though.

Taste: 7--yes, nuts and yes, chocolate...but I found it kind of boring.
Texture: 9--pretty standard.
Health: 9--I feel like I keep repeating myself and this is only the third time: it’s a nutrition bar for women, so it has nutrients. Protein. Fiber. It’s 70% organic. Like most nutrition bars some people aren’t going to be thrilled with the amount of sugar. I’ll turn it over to my trusty GoodGuide, which gives it an 8.9.
Eat Again? If you gave me one, sure. But I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy them.

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