Friday, August 24, 2012

Review: Luna Bar Peanut Butter Cookie

Have you noticed the peanut butter section of this blog growing? If you haven’’s currently second only to reviews. Since this is a review about a peanut butter-flavored product, I won’t be giving an edge to either one with this post.

Anyway, the above-mentioned peanut butter-flavored product happens to be Luna’s Peanut Butter Cookie bar, as is mentioned even further above. ;) This is my fourth Luna bar (including one protein bar), and I’ve found them mostly to be successes. Then again, I’d also already read the Crazy Food Dude’s take on this bar (seriously, it is amazing how much stuff he reviews!), and he wasn’t impressed with it. So I had reservations.

Peanut buttery delight with hints of creaminess and a light peanut crunch.
The lack of pretty drizzle didn’t surprise me this time like it did with the Nutz Over Chocolate bar. I guess I was prepared for it, but I do wonder what makes them decide a flavor deserves to look nice too?

What I wasn’t expecting was for the base coating to be...well, non-chocolate. I know peanut butter cookies don
’t usually use chocolate, but I’ve become so used to having chocolate on the bottom of a granola bar that I never stopped to think it could be something different. I should have known better, though, because I really like Nature Valley’s yogurt bars, which have yogurt on the bottom...

Wait, let’s get back on track. That coating is great. It’s some sort of sugary peanut butter-ish flavor, very creamy and smooth in your mouth. I think it adds most of the peanut butter taste to the bar. I have to say, it doesn’t matter what the brand...the coating is always the best part.

The overall flavor is sort of peanut buttery and sort of plain old nutty. But it’s not a very strong taste. Like I said before, it’s mostly from the coating and the coating is a small percentage of the whole thing, so it does get overruled here. I wouldn’t call it bland, but if you really really REALLY want peanut butter this might not do it for you. Then again, the baseline for my definition of “peanut buttery” is just eating it off the spoon.

The texture is your typical granola bar. A chewy/crispy combination that doesn’t make you feel like your jaws are about to fall off. I wouldn’t call it “crunchy.” It was very consistent throughout, although it did get a little monotonous.

This bar is respectable, but I think Luna could make it really shine if they added something to the mix. Like chocolate chips, or even some big nut chunks. It would break of the texture and flavor a bit, make it more exciting. As it is, you just kind of mindlessly eat it because every bite is exactly the same. Where’s the fun in that?

Taste: 8--a mild peanut butter with a sweet touch, mostly from the coating. I can definitely taste nuts, too.
Texture: 9--crispy, chewy, the usual.
Health: 9--Luna bars are 70% organic and designed to give women the nutrition they need. GoodGuide only warns about the sugar content, and overall gives this bar an 8.9.
Eat Again? Yes, but it’s not going on my list of “regulars.”

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