Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Quest Protein Bar Apple Pie

I have to start this review off with a warning: I have not had apple pie in years, so I may not remember precisely what it tastes like. Therefore, you may not want to take my words to heart when I compare the Apple Pie Quest bar to real apple pie.

I got this bar from Netrition, along with two whole boxes of flavors I know I like and another single bar to try (the PB&J). It sounded promising, because I do like apple pie--I just like other desserts better. And since my family doesn’t “do” pie unless it has chocolate, the only place I can get apple pie is somewhere I could also get cake or brownies or something peanut get the point. For me, apple pie is almost always doomed to be dumped in favor of something far less “healthy.”

What totally works is when you can have your apple pie AND chocolate, because the apple pie doesn’t count as dessert! That’s where this Quest bar comes in!

It’s another brownish one--you know how I like those! Just from unwrapping this bar, I could tell it was one of the softer ones (another plus).

On top of that, there are real apples inside! Admittedly, freeze-dried apples don’t add the best texture, but it’s nice to see real fruit instead of just a bunch of processed stuff.

The apples definitely contribute to the flavor. In fact if you get an apple with your bite it pretty much takes over. And it’s impossible to get only part of an apple chunk, because the rest slides out, leaving a chunk-sized hole in the bar. The base is very sweet, with a hint of cinnamon, just like real apple pie (from what I remember). I love cinnamon, so I loved the base. Actually, I would have been happy with just the base and no apples at all, although I wouldn’t have called it Apple Pie then.

In texture, this bar is one of the softest. Maybe the softest, or tied with Coconut Cashew for that title. It’s moist and juicy, although it does stick to things (namely teeth and fingers and, by transfer, your keyboard). Because it’s so soft, it’s really easy to take a big bite of this and not feel like you’re working your jaws off.

OK, microwave test: after 10 seconds, it’s still holding its own shape. In fact, it’s still firm to the touch, but amazingly soft when you bite into it. It reminds me of a brownie just out of the oven (in texture, anyway), which really makes the apples stand out from the base because they give more resistance. Definitely even more apple pie-ish than at room temperature!

Overall, this is a really good take on apple pie. I’d definitely eat it again, maybe even before I’d eat the peanut butter/chocolate flavors. I love the texture and the sweet/cinnamon base. Quest could totally sell me on just the base, but...after all, you can’t have apple pie without apples!

Taste: 9--I almost want to say the apples get in the way of the base, but if you’re going for apple pie this is just about right.
Texture: 10--one of the softer bars, so it’s not a workout at room temperature; warmed up, it’s like a pie-flavored brownie.
Health: 10--really, you can
’t go wrong with Quest.
Eat Again? Yes.

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