Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Review: Quest Protein Bar Chocolate Peanut Butter

Yes, my protein bars came with me on vacation...call me obsessed, call me dedicated, but I see nutrition bars wherever I go. In fact, a big exciting part of this trip (for me, at least) has been browsing the selection of nutrition bars here, because there are so many things we just don’t have in State College. Case in point:


That bag contains most of what I’ve found in Virginia Beach and along the way. So get ready for some serious reviewing!

Even though I had that bag staring me in the face, I picked up something I’ve had since before we left State College: a Chocolate Peanut Butter Quest Bar.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one. On the one hand, I absolutely love the Quest bars. There isn’t a single one I would refuse to eat, and the Cinnamon Roll ones are just amazing! But, the Peanut Butter Supreme wasn’t all that peanut buttery.

I opened this one, and it definitely smells something like peanut butter, although there’s more of a cocoa smell to it. It looks almost identical to the Chocolate Brownie flavor, and I guess the cocoa smell is similar, too.


Maybe this is going to be some weird hybrid of the Chocolate Brownie/Peanut Butter Supreme...


At first taste I was in mourning for the peanut butter, because it wasn’t strong at all. The first taste you get here it mostly chocolate. BUT...I kept chewing, and thankfully the peanut butter does make a late appearance, kicking in after the chocolate and overriding it at the end of each bite. It was actually pretty cool how this bar fools you into thinking there’s no peanut butter and then surprising you. It’s not a strong peanut butter flavor, but it is definitely there and it was way better than most other attempts at a peanut butter-flavored protein bar.

As far as texture, it was a little bit sticky (don’t try putting it on a napkin). Quest bars tend to stick in your front teeth as you’re biting them, but I don’t really mind; it’s sort of like eating a giant Laffy Taffy (slightly less sticky, though). At the end of each bite there’s sort of a cool chewy grittiness that reminds me of peanut butter, along with the “juiciness” that goes with the other flavors and seems to give it an extra punch.

Of course, now that I know what happens when you microwave a Quest bar, I nuked the second half of this bar for 10 seconds on a ceramic plate...and then I couldn’t peel it off the plate! It was that gooey! None of the others so far have gotten that soft in the microwave, and I was nervous, but this was AMAZING! The peanut butter is a lot more pronounced, the bar is hot and squishy...think peanut butter brownie just out of the oven. It was love.

Now, I still like the Cinnamon Roll flavor better, but I believe this one takes second place, edging out Chocolate Brownie. It was the microwave that sold me on this flavor. Seriously, if I can fool myself into think I’m eating peanut butter brownies every day...well, let’s just say five stars on this one!

Taste: 9--the peanut butter is hiding, but it closes with a (subtle) kick. Heat it up, though, and you’ve got a 10 for perfectly gooey peanut butter brownie!
Texture: 9--sticks to your teeth, but it keeps you busy without making you work too hard. Again, 10 after microwaving (that gooey brownie again).
Health: 10--gluten free, low carb, high fiber, high protein...I’ve said it so many times, but these really are amazing health-wise.
Eat Again? Yes. This one is also going in my arsenal!


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