Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review: Quest Protein Bar Coconut Cashew

With only a few days left to go until classes start again, I’m stocking up on reviews. You know, just in case I don’t have time to write a fresh one, I can just hit “Publish” on one of the five drafts in my Blogger list and voila--easy blog post for the day! Hopefully I can keep posting regularly along with school, work, and relaxing...I really don’t know what to expect from this semester.

What I do know is that even though I’m stocking up on reviews, which means eating a bunch of the new products I got at the beach, I still have a ton of bars left to try. I don’t think I’ve eaten half of them yet, and it’s been a couple of weeks. The bag I brought home now fills up an old Kashi goLean box. Plus the stuff that’s on top of the box because it won’t fit inside.

The good news is the four (well, now three) of them are new Quest bars. I’ve made a goal to try every flavor at least once, because not only are they incredibly clean, but when they hit a good flavor they are magical!

Actually, pretty often the Quest bars aren’t what I expect. For example, I ended up liking the Strawberry Cheesecake better than the Peanut Butter Supreme. If you remember, my very first Quest bar surprised me, too--with how amazingly good it was!

The Coconut Cashew was a similar story. See, neither coconuts or cashews are things I get excited about. I do like the sweetness of coconut, and cashews are my favorite kind of nuts that come in those mixed canisters. But let’s just say I don’t eat many nuts, and a Mounds is probably my least favorite candy bar aside from Almond Joy. BUT this bar got off to a good start right away.

The coconut smell wafting from this bar was really strong and sweet. It was flatter than the other Quest bars I’ve had, but I don’t know if that was just a fluke or if it’s universal with this flavor. For some reason, I’m partial to the off-white/tan must be because they make me think of the Cinnamon Roll, my personal favorite.

The second picture is a little bit truer to the actual color--the first one made it look darker than it really was. Plus, you can see that big chunk of coconut on the bottom right, so this picture is a really good representation of the bar.

That’s right--it was reeeeeally coconutty! So much so that I didn’t really notice any cashews, but I didn’t care because it was superb without them. As someone with a perpetually active sweet tooth, this was amazing. It’s one of the sweetest bars I’ve ever had. Like the Cinnamon Roll, it has some juiciness to it that really releases the full burst of sweetness the longer you chew. I can’t think of anything else to describe it except amazing.

In texture, it’s softer than the chocolate-based flavors (which seem to generally be a bit tough). It was a little gritty, too, which I actually liked. It was like a softer version of the Cinnamon Roll.

I microwaved the last bit for 10 seconds, and it transformed from a chewy, firm bar into something I couldn’t hold by the end without it succumbing to gravity and curling over! It was tongue-squishable, almost falling apart in my hands gooey and OH SO GOOD. The taste didn’t change much, but the warm-cookie texture blew me away.

This one is great either with or without the microwave, and why I keep raving about Quest bars so much. It’s a match for the Cinnamon Roll...I think I found my new favorite protein bar!

Taste: 10--sweet, sweet, sweet! This is coconut perfection!
Texture: 10--fine on its own, but the microwave turns it into a freaking dessert!
Health: 10--the best dessert you ever ate: high fiber, high protein, low active carbs, and it’s sugar free, too.
Eat Again? OMG YES!

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