Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review: thinkThin Chocolate Covered Strawberries High Protein Bar

I love fruit. Especially strawberries. Mixed with big, fat blueberries they make a great (but addictive) snack. I can go through one carton in less than two days.

So maybe it’s odd that I haven’t tried more fruity nutrition bars. It just seems like chocolate, cookie dough, and peanut/peanut butter flavors are more popular. All the companies make them. There are noticeably fewer options for fruit. And knowing me, I’ll pick up one of those popular flavors before I pick up a fruit-flavored bar, because I love chocolate, peanut butter, etc.

But I ended up with this thinkThin Chocolate Covered Strawberries bar anyway, and for once I was feeling in a fruit-over-chocolate mood, which is how we come to this review. Prepare to 
Indulge in a guilt-free treat of delicious berry goodness covered in rich dark chocolate!”

For some reason this bar has only 15g of protein, while the others have 20, but it looks exactly the same:

Supposedly it’s slightly smaller, but I couldn’t tell. I could, however, smell the strawberry flavoring as soon as I opened the package, even before I broke it in half. So this came as a surprise:

Wait, what!? I was expecting something red! There might be a very faint pinkish tint, but the lighting in the picture REALLY brings it out. To the casual observer, in real life, it just appears tan. But it was still wafting that strawberry aroma, so I didn’t give up!

This bar was just full of surprises. Based on sight alone, I was expecting the usual thinkThin texture--pleasantly soft and mushy, very easy and fun to chew. Almost like a cookie. But there was a crispy component to this bar. Upon closer inspection I still couldn’t see anything that could be making this crunch, but it was like those little wafer sandwich cookies were crumbled up inside. It was pretty cool.

I guess if you want to compare the taste to something, those wafer cookies in the strawberry flavor would be a good start. Becuase it did taste like strawberry, in the same way that anything that’s not really a strawberry would. As with all the other thinkThin bars I’ve tried, I could still taste that “thinkThin taste,” which must be the protein. It wasn’t as strong with this one, though. Maybe it just “goes” better with strawberry than with chocolate or peanut butter; maybe it’s because there was less protein to add that taste. I don’t know. But I could still tell, especially at the end, when it turned sour/bitter.

The chocolate coating seemed a little subpar. It even smelled a little flat. This could be because it
’s dark chocolate, whereas the others are milk chocolate? Not sure, but it did nothing to mitigate the aftertaste, and in all honesty I didn’t even notice it among the strawberry. And, oddly enough, the bigger the bite I took, the less it tasted like strawberries. At least, that was my impression after taking one big bite. Then I went back to smaller ones. :)

This wasn’t a bad bar, but I’m still not a fan of the aftertaste. It gets in the way of truly enjoying the strawberries-and-chocolate flavor. I mean the strawberry flavor. Whatever. It was OK, let’s leave it at that.

Taste: 7--definitely tastes like strawberries, not so much chocolate, with a sour note at the end.
Texture: 10--“creamy,” soft, easy and fun to eat. The crispy pieces are a pleasant surprise.
Health: 9--no sugar, high protein. There are two GoodGuide reviews for this product, giving it both a 10 and a 7.6 for health.
Eat Again? Maybe.

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