Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review: ZonePerfect Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

One of the advantages of traveling through different states is that you stop in several gas stations along the way, and some of those gas stations have a decent selection of nutrition bars. This ZonePerfect Peanut Butter Cookie Dough nutrition bar was a case in point; I picked it up at a random mom-and-pop store where we stopped for gas on the way to Virginia Beach, along with a few others.

You may remember from my other ZonePerfect review that I wasn’t wowed by the Classic Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor. But this bar comes from ZonePerfect’s Cookie Dough line of products, and is labeled as a “nutrition” rather than “protein” bar, so I’m willing to give it a fair shot. Plus it supposedly combines two of my all-time favorite things (peanut butter and cookie dough).

I opened it up with mixed emotions. I was eager because it sounds delicious, but I was also afraid it would be disappointing. At first glance, it’s not totally encouraging.

Sure, I like that peanut butter drizzle on the top, and it’s the right color, but it’s also not very big. I love volume. Then there’s the fake-peanut butter smell emanating from it, which makes me think this isn’t going to satisfy my picky peanut butter taste bud.

I cut it with a knife, and the texture seemed soft enough; there was no struggle and little resistance.

The inside actually looks pretty similar to the outside. I’ll admit, it does look doughey. And there are some nice, real peanut chunks visible, which is encouraging.

I took a little bite, and they’ve definitely got the texture down here. It’s very doughey (although maybe not quite as soft and squishy as the real thing), and uniformly so. The occasional peanut chunk is noticeable but not annoying. Sometimes I just want dough, no crunch, but here I kind of liked it. It’s like chocolate chip cookie dough, only peanuts/peanut butter.

As for the taste…it’s really hard to describe. I wouldn’t say it’s peanut butter exactly—but then again, it’s not supposed to be. I can definitely taste the peanuts, but the surrounding mixture is very sweet in a faint peanut buttery kind of way. I would almost call it generic sweetness, only I think the drizzle on the top is actual peanut butter, which adds to the flavor.

I will say that the bigger the bite, the more peanut buttery it tastes. Yet despite the fact that it wasn’t a knockout imitation of peanut butter cookie dough, I found myself liking it more and more as I went on eating it. I really liked the sweetness and the uniform soft, chewy texture. I could definitely see myself getting addicted to these!

Taste: 9--not exactly peanut butter, but very sweet and pleasant.
Texture: 10--chewy and doughey the whole way through, with a couple peanut chunks thrown in.
Health: 8--interestingly enough, GoodGuide ranks this one in comparison to “other candy bars” (giving it a 5.9), and I guess I could buy that based on the taste. But, it has the added bonus of 10g of protein and plenty of vitamins. Just watch the sugar.
Eat Again? Yes.

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