Saturday, August 11, 2012

What Happens When All-You-Can-Eat Goes on Steroids

We left our hotel at about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, but the adventure was far from over. First we stopped at a Vitamin Shoppe on the way out of town so I could pick up some new Quest bars. And then came the final challenge: Golden Corral.

All-you-can eat. Salads, fruit, a hot buffet, rolls, biscuits, desserts. A land mine of food. I true test of self-control and, at the same time, willingness to let go of control. Because when you’re at an all-you-can-eat buffet and something catches your eye, you have a split-second decision to make: take it or leave it.

This place truly was scary. Not just because of the overwhelming number of choices food-wise, but also because it was jam-packed with people. It literally took us five minutes just to get to the bathroom. You couldn’t move more than a foot in either direction if you were within sight of a buffet table. Of which there were four. Four. I think the buffet at Hoss’s in State College had plenty of choices, but the Golden Corral is like that on steroids. It was absolutely crazy!

I think we spent more time trying to find the right line and picking out our food than we spent actually eating it. But we finally got back to our table with our precious cargo. A little bit of fruit (strawberries and pears) for me
, because that is the one thing I’ve really missed on this vacation....

...along with some bakery and hot buffet items:

That’s a big helping of macaroni and cheese with a teeny bit of mashed potatoes next to it. At the top is what’s left of the steakhouse fries I decided to try.
The excessive salt was my attempt to make them taste better. I never will learn that I don’t like French fries anymore! I guess I spent so long denying myself the “pleasure” of eating them that I still feel like they should be awesome...but for once this isn’t ED talking.

But wait! The star of the show is sitting on the left. That ladies and gentlemen, is a garlic cheese biscuit, otherwise known as a sinfully delicious lump of buttery, garlicky, cheesy bliss. I don’t know what exactly they put in there, but it literally melts in your mouth and leaves lingering cheesy-garlic taste for hours. I had three...let’s file that under “loss of self-control.” :)

After that I stopped taking pictures. It was impossible to get pictures of the buffets, and I enjoyed the desserts so much I completely forgot...sorry. There were brownies, chocolate cake with awesome frosting, some kick-ass fudge, whipped cream, hot caramel, hot fudge, cookies.... There was ice cream and a chocolate fountain, too, but I couldn’t get anywhere near those!

My conclusion is that we need one of these in State College. I didn’t get to try everything I wanted, but I was more than full by the time we left. Seriously, unless you’re on Michael Phelps’ diet, there is waaay too much food here to even comprehend! And I say this being vegetarian, which probably eliminated half my that’s a buffet (or four)!
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