Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ben & Jerry's Does Cinnamon Buns Right!

Ben & Jerry’s is starting to become a regular occurrence on this blog, a trend that started when I dug up a pint I’d bought with leftover meal points at the end of last semester. I blame that for reminding me just how rich and creamy and amazingly unique Ben & Jerry’s is. And then I discovered that my Wegmans has such a well-stocked B&J’s section, and things just kind of snowballed from there.

Ben and Jerry are the kings of flavor; there are so many, it’s hard to choose! Of course, I steer clear of things with fruit and coffee, but in reality that doesn’t limit the scope of B&J’s much. This time, after drooling in front of the display for a few minutes, I chose Cinnamon Buns, one of the greatest flavors known to man.

“Caramel Ice Cream with Cinnamon Bun Dough & a Cinnamon Streusel Swirl”
Every bit of that description sounds amazing. The first time I had this ice cream I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Like all Ben & Jerry’s, it’s super creamy, but you know how sometimes it’s hard to scoop out of the pint? This is one of the easier ones to scoop.

This ice cream is an explosion of cinnamon, which might surprise you because it literally smells like nothing. But it literally tastes exactly like cinnamon buns at their finest. It’s not even weird eating frozen cinnamon buns, it’s that freaking delicious. The streusel swirl...

...adds grit, which I loved, and the dough chunks...

...look just like cookie dough balls, have the same gritty texture, but taste like...well, cinnamon bun dough! Which, by the way, is fantastic.

This has always been and will always continue to be one of my top favorite B&J’s flavors (it’s impossible to pick just one). Unfortunately it’s a heavier calorie bomb than their other calorie bombs, but IMHO it’s totally worth it. If you’ve never tried it, stop depriving yourself. Buy a pint, you won’t regret it. This is the finest of Vermont
’s finest!
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