Sunday, September 2, 2012

Doubling Down and Reflections on Injuries...

I conquered another obstacle today: running two days in a row.

I seems weird to think I haven’t done that since I broke my pelvis. It’s been almost three months now, and just over three weeks that I’ve been back running. I mean, with my heel fractures I hit the ground right off the bat doing five days a week. And, especially for a habitual heel-striker like me, your heels take a lot more impact when you run.

But I’ve learned a few things. First, there’s enough impact absorption involved in your pelvis to make it sting. Which is unfortunate, because between not wanting to land too hard on my left foot because of the plantar fasciitis, not wanting to land on my right leg too hard for fear of aggravating my pelvis, and not wanting to land on either heel because of those fractures, I’m a basket case by the time I get done running!

Second, it’s not all about impact. Pressure comes from other sources, too. I was in pain every time I tried to kick/squeeze my lazy horse (which was basically the whole time I was riding). Anything using my adductors--forget it. Same with getting up from my hands and knees. I had to sit down to dress myself because I couldn’t perform the contortions required to put on my underwear; I couldn’t even reach over to flush a freaking toilet! And even now, if I sit or sleep in an odd position for too long, that first step is like a little arthritic twinge. I can live with that, though because now it goes away almost immediately.

Just thinking about all that pain and inconvenience makes me so thankful that I finally felt whole enough and confident enough to try for two in a row. And that seven hours later I’m still feeling OK. Maybe a little creaky, but nothing bad. Of course, no running tomorrow--I like to think I’ve learned my lesson! Right now I’m even contemplating the THON 5k in’s to hoping I’m still in one piece when we get there!
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