Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Home is Where the...Ice Cream Is?

It figures, the semester I don’t need to move myself back into the dorms, I’m finally physically able to do it myself. Last fall, my plantar fasciitis exploded and left me dragging myself around on one foot while my parents carried things from the car to my room. In the spring, I hobbled around on crutches next to my sister, who carried the clothes and books and accessories I’d brought home for Christmas break.

Despite the stigma you might expect to surround a college student living at home...I like it. There are a lot more food options, for one thing. The fridge in my dorm wouldn’t have been nearly big enough for all my Powerade, water bottles, Greek yogurt, protein shakes...not to mention I can’t really imagine myself mixing protein shakes in a dorm room.

It’s close to the barn, so I don’t have to drive all the way back to campus in the dark when all I want to do is 1) eat and 2) relax (oh yeah, and maybe do homework ;)).

Then there’s the ability to come home after a long day and sit around watching TV or typing away with the company of my family. And dogs. No matter how much fun I make of them, I really do love them.

But, there are some things that I miss. Like, Penn State Food Services makes the best pudding parfaits. I just can’t replicate them. Ditto the PB & fruit wraps.

And using up extra meal points on Ben & Jerry’s. Oh, do I miss that.

Wait. I still have some left over from last spring! So when I was feeling nostalgic last night, I broke out one of the remaining pints and attacked it with an ice cream scoop.

This is Milk & Cookies: Vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chocolate chip cookies, and Oreo swirl. Is that enough cookies for you? It was heaven. I stopped scooping halfway through the pint to take this picture...and then went back to scooping. I’m proud to say I did have enough self-control not to finish the whole thing, though.

Anyway, I can’t tell you how much I love Ben & Jerry, despite their desire to give the American public massive coronary disease. I just try to enjoy it in moderation...moderation being, in large doses but at infrequent intervals. ;)

But I’m still glad I moved back home.
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