Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: Balance Bar Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch

I used to be a mint chocolate fiend. When I was a kid and we went to the Creamery for a special treat, it was always Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for me. Then one day my sister and I were eating mint Dilly Bars in one of my grandparents’ spare bedrooms, and she looked over and said, “I feel like I’m eating a tube of toothpaste.” And that was the end of mint ice cream for me.

I still eat it, but VERY rarely. I think the last time I ate mint ice cream was as a freshman in college.

But Thin Mints? Gone in two days at most. I love York and Junior Mints (but only in the absence of Hershey’s, Milky Ways, Snickers, Hundred Grand, Reese’s, Butterfingers, Nestle get it). Oh, and my favorite part of Olive Garden is the Andes Candies they give you at the end.

The thing about mint is, it’s an overpowering flavor. Which is good in the case of the Balance Bar Chocolate Mint Cookie Crunch, when what you’re trying to overpower is protein.

“Here's a refreshing new take on a classic. We've added a crunchier cookie base and more mint flavor to this delicious chocolate cookie bar. The chocolate and cool mint come together in a satisfyingly crunchy delight for a perfect chocolate mint Balance Bar.”

Right off the bat it smells like a York, which is a good sign...although not surprising, since mint is an overpowering smell, too. The bar is easy to break apart: it doesn’t crumble, stick, or snap. It’s just a nice soft consistency.

Now this is from the Gold line, and the other two Gold bars I reviewed had an ooey gooey layer right under the coating. But this one is just plain old solid...I’m not sure what, because it doesn’t look exactly like the coating.

Don’t let that disappoint you, though. This is one of the best Balance Bars I’ve tried. In fact it tastes pretty much just like a Thin Mint. The mint is a huge player here, but there’s also a lot of chocolate...between the mint and the coating and the crunchy insides, it has me thinking of Girl Scouts.

The best part? Hardly any protein taste! I could still detect a very, very slight hint, but I think it’s only because I’ve eaten enough Balance Bars that I know what to look for. I doubt the average person would taste it...or maybe they would, since the average person probably doesn’t like protein bars. ;)

This bar really surprised me--in a good way! Despite the lack of goop this is one of my favorite Balance Bars. I can’t believe the similarities it has to a Thin Mint. But this is way more substantial and filling, and a little better for you too. Just don’t feel too guilty about not supporting your local troops.

Taste: 9--it’s basically a big, crunchy, more-filling and healthier Thin Mint
Texture: 10--soft but crunchy on the inside, making it even more like a Thin Mint.
Health: 8--no doubt better than a Girl Scout cookie, but it still has a fair amount of sugar and saturated fat if you’re watching those. GoodGuide gives it a 6.7 for health.
Eat Again? Yep, definitely one of the best flavors.

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