Friday, September 14, 2012

Review: Life Choice Chocolate Brownie Energy Bar

We had a cookie crisis in the house last night (aka we ran out in the midst of a crazy week). So what’s a girl to do when ten o’clock rolls around and she’s craving chocolate?

Grab a Life Choice Energy Bar, of course! More precisely, the Chocolate Brownie variety. Based on my previous experiences with these energy bars, I was expecting something more dessert-like than their other bars, which tend to taste more like a normal nutrition or protein bar. But the Energy line is consistently decadent.

“Who knew that such a decadent treat could be good for you? Our chocolate fudge brownie energy bar has all the right nutrients to power you through a long afternoon—or a long workout.”
It looks standard on the outside, just chocolate coating. Unsurprisingly it just smells like milk chocolate.

The inside is also what you’d expect: just like the Peanut Butter or Cookies & Cream version, but chocolate! You can even see the chocolate chips inside. It basically looks just like the picture on the package (or on the website). So far, so good!

Before we move on, I have to warn you that this bar is probably at least five months old. It got “lost” among all my other bars for a while, and I only just discovered it now that my stash is running low. So the original texture may have been slightly softer than what it was when I ate it, but it was by no means stale or yucky. It was soft, maybe not exactly like a brownie, but close. Definitely not as soft as the other energy bars, but again I’m probably to blame there. It was also chewy; I could definitely feel the oats in there, just as a reminder that this isn’t a totally gut-busting goodie. But I’m cool with that.

Between the chocolate chips, the coating, and the chocolate-flavored energy mix, this bar was pretty darn chocolatey. No hint of a “nutritional” aftertaste here! It’s mostly just sweet, reminding me more of a brownie than a nutrition/energy bar. As far as a cookie replacement, it did a good enough job, although nothing can compare to the real thing. :)

So, if you’re craving chocolate but don’t want candy, I’d definitely recommend this bar. It’s not as good as the Cookies & Cream, which remains my favorite, but it certainly holds its own.

Taste: 9--definitely satisfies a chocolate craving.
Texture: 9--I liked the softness combined with the chocolate chips; the only thing keeping me from believing it was a brownie was the oaty texture.
Health: 5--energy bars always have a lot of sugar, so beware. But it’s still better than a brownie or cookie. ;)
Eat Again? Yes, but not that often.

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