Saturday, September 22, 2012

Review: Life Choice Chocolate Caramel Nutrition Bar

Exciting news!! This review marks the completion of my goal to try every flavor of Life Choice bar out there! OK, technically I’ve had this once before, but it was before I started writing reviews, and I didn’t want to go completely off of memory with no pictures for you!

Anyway, here’s the Chocolate Caramel Nutrition Bar from Life Choice:

I know it doesn’t look all that exciting from the outside, but it already has several strong points. First, it’s big. It’s substantially bigger than a Balance Bar, not only in length but also in thickness--this one is really tall! It’s also heavy, so you know it’s dense, and all that for a similar nutritional profile (from a protein and calorie standpoint, anyway). This bar has 15 grams of protein to Balance Bar’s 14-15, and 210 calories to Balance’s 200 (average). I say that’s a pretty good deal.

All right, it looks like a standard rice  crispie base, but it’s not. It’s industrial-strength rice crispies! It definitely wasn’t easy breaking this bar open, but it wasn’t impossible either. This explains why it’s so much heavier than your typical Rice Crispies Treat!

If you’re worried about the texture based on what I’ve written so far, it can make your jaws a little tired. It’s crispy but sort of not; it’s also kind of chewy. Once the crisps are gone (which happens fairly quickly), you’re left with a tougher component. It’s hard to describe, but not too annoying. The only little quibble I have is a very slight powdery feel on my teeth after finishing.

On taste, this is a win. It’s not overly caramelly, but it’s definitely sweet...I’d call it more of a caramel mixed with something else, only I’m not sure what. Whatever, it was good. The chocolate was a perfect complement. If there was an odd aftertaste, it was very subtle and I didn’t really notice it. It did make me thirsty, though.

So Life Choice goes out with one final success in a line that’s mostly full of them. When I want something sweet, this is definitely a viable option, with the added bonus of protein and other vitamins and minerals. And they’re not that expensive, either.

Taste: 9--not quite caramel, but definitely pleasant and sweet.
Texture: 9--crispy but not; it is a bit of a jaw workout.
Health: 7.5--provides lots of good vitamins and plenty of protein, but it’s a little on the sugary side as well.
Eat Again? Yes. It’s an inexpensive source of tasty protein, and given all the ice cream I eat, the sugar doesn
’t bother me. ;)

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