Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: Luna Fiber Bar Peanut Butter Strawberry

Now that I’ve been successfully inducted into the world of Luna, I’ve been curious about the product outside their line of standard granola bars. I tried a protein bar and wasn’t disappointed. So when I heard that they were giving free samples of the new Luna Fiber line, I hurried to fill out the form.

Of course, I promptly forgot about it until it showed up in the mail last week. The bar comes in three flavors: Chocolate Raspberry, Peanut Butter Strawberry, and Vanilla Blueberry. It’s almost like they knew who they were sending it to, because I received the Peanut Butter Strawberry flavor.

These bars contain 7 grams of fiber, along with what Luna calls the “Core 4”: calcium, iron, folic acid, and vitamin D. They’re all 110-120 calories, so I knew it would be small.

“Peanut butter smooths the way for Strawberry in this delicious ode to a classic.”
It basically looks like half of a Nutri-Grain bar. Unfortunately I don’t really like those, but then again they don’t come in a peanut butter flavor.... This bar has coarse sugar on the top, which I thought was a little odd at first since PB&J seems like an odd combination with sugar. It definitely smells fruity; I’m not 100 percent sure it smells like strawberries, but it does smell like some sort of bakery pastry or cookie.

The jelly layer isn’t all that thick, but that’s the way I usually make my PB&J...if I include the J at all. ;) In fact, it really works here because it doesn’t take over the flavor completely. This bar has a really good balance of flavors, and it was actually pretty peanut buttery, which I wasn’t expecting based on the way it looks. It’s basically a peanut butter and jelly cookie. The dough contains the peanut butter flavor, which certainly isn’t overwhelming--but it’s there. Same with the strawberry. Perfect.

The texture is amazing, too. I know I said it looks like a Nutri-Grain bar, but that’s where the similarities end. This is about a hundred times better. It literally feels like something you’d pick up in a bakery. The closest I can describe the texture is like that of a soft peanut butter cookie with sugar sprinkled on top. It’s very moist and dense, not crumbly at all, which helps bring out the flavors. The coarse sugar adds a little bit of grit and, of course, sweetness. Maybe it isn’t so weird after all.

This bar was, at the risk of sounding antiquated, delightful. My only qualm is the size. I really wish it was bigger, that way I wouldn’t feel like I needed to eat another one when I finished. But as a snack or dessert, it would more than suffice. Luna sent me a coupon for $0.50 off another Luna Fiber bar, so I’ll definitely buy again...the only question is, do I stick with this flavor or try a different one?

Taste: 9--actually very peanut buttery, with just enough strawberry flavor. Neither was overwhelming.
Texture: 10--like a soft peanut butter cookie. I love the grit that the sugar adds.
Health: 9--70% organic, and contain more fiber and fewer calories than regular Luna bars.
Eat Again? Yes!

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