Monday, September 10, 2012

Review: ZonePerfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bar

Cookie dough cookie dough...who doesn’t love cookie dough? Maybe that’s why it seems to be such a popular flavor for protein bars to mimic (or at least attempt to). I mean, if something says “cookie dough” on the label, I’m going to pick it up, if only because I’m hoping that this will be the time it really does taste like cookie dough. Even though I know deep down that it’s really not possible to taste just like cookie dough without being cookie dough.

Well anyway, you might remember that I tried the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough bar from ZonePerfect (which seems to have disappeared from their website) and liked it well enough. It wasn’t anything amazing, and yet I would definitely eat it again. Which bodes well for its sibling, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar.

OK, this one got majorly squashed somewhere along the way (it’s supposed to be somewhat round), but still you can tell that someone put a lot of thought into making it look pretty. I like the contrast of the light base with the chocolate chips and looks just like you’d expect cookie dough to look.

Since there’s no coating, the inside is just more of the same. Word of warning: this thing is really soft! Maybe mine was the exception, because obviously it’s been through the wringer, but it was bending over on itself in my hands. It was also, as a result, sticky. Napkin, fingers, keyboard, you name it. It even stuck to the wrapper.

That didn’t keep me from enjoying this bar, though. It definitely nailed the texture. You could easily cut this with a butter knife, and the absolute softness of the base makes the chocolate chips very satisfying in their hard crunch/thud. I have to add that I felt like there was a little bit of grit or powdery something when I finished, but overall? I give it an A.

On taste, it comes close. Of course nothing but the real thing is actually going to taste like cookie dough, so I wasn’t expecting that. Overall, it’s a sweet, non-offensive taste that could pass for a cookie dough imitation. I’d even go as far as to say it’s the best imitation aside from Life Choice’s Cookies & Cream energy bar, and they weren’t even trying for cookie dough! The chocolate is a major player here, so if you’re like me and just like cookies for the dough, be warned. If you try hard you can detect a little bit of off-tasting protein sort of something as an aftertaste, but it’s very subtle. Or maybe it’s just growing on me.

So, another score for ZonePerfect. I’d definitely eat this one again, too, though not as a protein bar. Maybe a snack when I want chocolate but not something too sweet.

Taste: 9--the closest we’ve come to cookie dough so far, but there’s still a teeny aftertaste.
Texture: 9.5--very soft, like dough, but a bit too sticky for a perfect score.
Health: 8--as with the peanut butter version, GoodGuide compares this bar to “other candy bars” (giving it a 5.8). So it’s not exactly a supplement bar. But it does have 10g of protein and some vitamins.
Eat Again? Yes.

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