Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Something Phishy

You know it’s bad when you’re happy about getting blisters, but when I came back from my run Sunday morning with a pus-filled bubble on the inside of my heel I proudly announced it to the entire household (which at the time consisted of my mom and two dogs). But I was really excited because this is my first one since coming back to running after my sacral fracture(s).

Well, I’m past the “Yay I have a blister!” stage and onto “Won’t this stupid thing go away?” Plus it’s making me paranoid, because it’s on my heel and it’s sensitive to the touch, almost like a bruise...and the last time squeezing my heel was painful, well, you know that story.

So I decided I’m officially an overreactive crazy hypochondriac if a blister is making me worry about stress fractures. And it’s kind of sad that after all these injuries, it’s a stupid blister that’s debilitating me now. I suppose at least the healing time on this one isn’t measured in months ;).

But enough of that, it’s time for a pick-me-up.

Ben & Jerry to the rescue! When I wrote about ice cream in Virginia Beach I mentioned that I got Phish Food from the scoop shop across the street, but I’ve never tried the frozen yogurt version before. It’s one of only four B&J’s Froyo flavors, so I was really excited to find it at Wegman’s.

Just for the sake of comparison, this Froyo actually has just as many calories as some of their other premium ice cream flavors! I suppose at least the fat content is lower. Still, it gives you some idea of how much of a calorie bomb the full-fat version is!

And there’s why. Oh man, look at that abundance of marshmallow swirl and all those fudge fish! Ben & Jerry’s never skimps in their mix-ins, that’s for sure.

Now, the caramel swirl isn’t as obvious because of the coloring (and some bad lighting, sorry!), but I can confirm that it is in there. It’s far less of a player than the other ingredients, though, which I kind of wish wasn’t the case because I really love caramel.

If you’ve ever had a pint of Ben & Jerry’s, maybe you noticed that it’s a lot harder to scoop than other ice creams? It has to do with how little air they put in their ice cream, since it’s super super super premium (and therefore also not something you want to eat a lot of ;)). Well, just to give you some idea of how much marshmallow swirl was in this pint, it was just like scooping regular ice cream, if not softer. That big glob of white you see above was pretty much indicative of the whole pint.

It was total sugar overload, but it was also totally what I needed last night. This has always been one of my favorite flavors and I’m thrilled that it comes in a Froyo version, because that makes me feel less guilty about blowing through ¾ of a pint. You know what I’m doing with the rest of it tonight ;).
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