Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Doctor Will See You Now...

I often say my horses are my therapists. They are always there after a long day at work or school, to listen while I talk or just to enjoy my presence (or the presence of the food in my hand).

But I didn’t ride yesterday, because it was my day to increase my running (up to 40 minutes now!), and Sydney needs his designated days off too. I should have known that Ben and Jerry would once again have a solution.

Sorry for the terrible lighting...

“Chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies & swirls of chocolate pudding ice cream.”
That’s right, Chocolate Therapy is a total overload of chocolate. If you don’t like chocolate, then you’re going to have a problem. I was actually a little bit nervous about trying this because chocolate isn’t my favorite ice cream flavor.

There are cookie pieces visible even before you dig into the pint. Pretty cool, right? But wait. The coolest part...

I love the contrast between the two different ice creams. I honestly don’t know which is the chocolate and which is the chocolate pudding, but it just looks awesome. I am a dark chocolate addict, so the fact that it’s such a deep, rich brown is really exciting. Plus, it just looks awesome.

When we went to Virginia Beach, my mom got a sundae with this as the base ice cream. We decided her server went crazy with the chocolate sauce because when she got to the end there was all this dark chocolatey goop at the bottom. Being the nice daughter I am, I finished it for her. ;) And now I actually think it was probably the remnants of this ice cream.

That’s how insanely chocolatey it is. It’s a really deep, dark chocolate--not at all your typical chocolate-based ice cream. It actually tastes just like it looks. And then there are the cookies...oh, the cookies. I’d actually say this flavor is one of Ben & Jerry’s lighter for mix-ins. While the cookies are plentiful, they’re not all in big chunks. They add a “goo” factor; I can’t tell if they’re like milk-softened Oreos or more of a brownie kind of cookie, but whatever! They are amazing! The smaller ones are sort of like chewy/crumbly chocolate chips. The whole experience was just...chocolate.

Surprisingly, this is one of their lowest-calorie flavors. It has 240 calories per serving, which is the same as the Phish Food Froyo I had earlier this week. Which is a good thing, because this will more than likely make a return to the freezer...I
’d much rather eat this than see a real therapist!
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