Saturday, September 1, 2012

Weekend Catch-Up

Well, I’ve officially survived the first week of class! Not only that, but I have a new computer, a new case for said computer so I can stop freaking out about transporting my investment, and…yep, homework!

Despite that last bit, I actually enjoyed the week. It’s ironic, but I’ve had more free time since I went back to only working part-time. I rode my horsey five days in a row, for the first time since breaking my pelvis (he
’s in shock). And, I’ve been running without incident for about three weeks now. I usually take a break at lunchtime and head up to the bike path by the golf course, which is right near where I work. It’s one of my favorite places to run—it’s shady, so I don’t get overheated; it’s pretty, so I have some nice scenery to look at; and it has mild hills, so I do get a good workout but I don’t have to confront the worst of my running-downhill fears. It’s great.

Today was the first time in three weeks that I ran in my own neighborhood. The last time, the bigger hills bothered my back and I had a panic attack of paranoia for the next week. It was also my “increase day,” when I bump up my time. I’ve gotten myself up to about a half hour (OK, 29 minutes because I’m absolutely forbidden to increase more than 20% per week). It amounted to around 3.6 miles, and—best of all!—my body feels fine. (Although I am loving the muscle-soreness!)

Well after a long week, I had to treat myself to something before contemplating homework last night. I opened the basement door, scanned the selves of cereal and protein bars, and my eyes landed on…

Who’s BarbaraAnd who thought of the name “Puffins”? When I picked this up on a whim in the health-food aisle at Wegmans, I only did it because it said “cinnamon.” They’re labeled as all-natural, so that’s a plus. I’ve never heard of this cereal, so it has some mystique…my curiosity is killing me here, I’ve got to try it!

OK, you need to try this. Seriously. Some people are biased against natural products because they “don’t taste as good”…but these are a spot-on cereal reincarnation of Teddy Grahams. They’re shaped like puffed up squares (hence the name, I guess), sort of like heavy-duty Chex without those silly holes. They are also REALLY crunchy (think hard crunch, not the Cap’n Crunch crunch). I’ll admit that when eaten in bulk (read: shoving like 10 in your mouth at once), they do have a corny taste. Plus it’s hard to crunch so many of them. So that takes care of that problem right there. Just don’t do it. ;)

That’s just my two cents. Now, I need to plan my next trip to Wegmans to get some more. These will definitely be fueling my future runs. Knock on wood.
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