Saturday, September 15, 2012

What Goes Around Comes Around

I had a crisis yesterday. I was sitting on a bench outside my first class because I was early, working on my laptop. I put my phone beside me because it kept falling out of my pocket. The classroom opened, I picked up my computer with both hands...and left my smartphone on the bench.

The friend I ran into earlier this month, the one I advised to drop his math class--well, he dropped it and picked up my iOS programming class, so he was sitting next to me when I started fidgeting around halfway through class. “What’s the matter?” he asked.

“I lost my phone!” I whispered back. I was panicked. I couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid. I have never lost or broken a phone in my life, so it figures the first time I did it would be a really expensive one.

I frantically Facebook-messaged people, wondering if they would call me and communicate with whoever answered. I learned just how complicated it is trying to communicate long-distance with people when you can’t call or text.

And then, at noon, a message showed up in my Gmail from that same friend. He had found my phone.

Sometimes the way things work out is just amazing. I’d given him a set of old notes that morning, and he was texting “me” about when I wanted them back. The guy who actually found my phone answered back, they met up, and I was happily reunited with my dear phone. It’s funny, because my friend is always saying how much he owes me, and it felt really good to say, “We’re even.”

Still, I like the way the whole situation echoes the age-old “actions have consequences” lesson. If we hadn’t become friends during the project we worked on last fall, if I hadn’t been a nice person and told him to drop his awful class (;)), if I hadn’t agreed to lend him my old notes so he wouldn’t have to drive hours to get his own from home...I may never have seen my phone again. I am forever grateful to my friend...this should be interesting, both being forever in each other’s debt. /:)

Anyway, it was an exciting day all around. In exciting food-related news: I found a French fry I like! That’s been one of my quests ever since I “let” myself eat potatoes again. It doesn’t matter how you cook them, unless they’re mashed and creamy, I don’t like them. With French fries, I like the fried part fine. But the inside (like, the actual potato) is mushy, dry, bland, yucky...I don’t know how to accurately convey it. But these:

are the perfect solution. HiWay Pizza’s Brew City Fries. They are waaay fried, thinly sliced so there’s not much of the starchy boring inside, and crispy! Sooo good. The pizza was pretty good too...but it was the fries that got me really wound up. Finally, a potato I like!

So, whatever your quest, don’t give up. Nothing is impossible. You just have to keep trying!
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