Sunday, October 7, 2012

Review: Clif Bar Blueberry Crisp

My dad had a crisis a few months ago. All the stores in town seemed to stop carrying his favorite flavor of Clif bar. So for a while it was like I had a shopping twin: there were random flavors of single bars floating around the kitchen while he tried to find another one he liked. To be honest, I kind of enjoyed the company. ;)

Well, lo and behold Wegmans restocked, and ever since there has been at least one box of Blueberry Crisp Clif bars in the cabinet. I was looking for a snack one day, and just happened to see them, and suddenly it hit me: why haven’t I tried these yet? I buy individual bars to review, but here was an entire box of Clif bars right under my nose for months and it never even occurred to me!

So, I grabbed the last bar out of the box (I asked my dad first, I have a nasty habit of eating him out of things he likes and then forgetting to mention it until he can’t find them) and ripped it open.

It’s a lot darker than I expected--almost chocolate colored. Other than that, no surprises. It’s your usual molasses-and-oats (and, yes, sticky) Clif bar. Please don’t put this down where you don’t want it to stick.

It did smell immensely of blueberries, though. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever smelled anything quite so blueberry-ish, even blueberries. Wow.

The taste is more of the same--blueberries, blueberries, blueberries! I like this flavor better than any of the others I’ve tried so far. It was juicy, and there were no weird tastes or anything. I may have just been in the mood for blueberry, but this really hit the spot.

In terms of texture, this is really easy to eat. It’s softer than the other kinds, not as oaty in texture with more crispness. It’s also stickier, so maybe the two are related. It’s juicy, like I said, which really enhanced the overall blueberry experience. I suppose your jaws could get tired from the gummy molasses texture, but overall this bar was a really pleasant experience.

Taste: 10--totally nailed the blueberries, and the crisps/oats were a nice background.
Texture: 8--pretty easy to eat, but really sticky, which is inconvenient if you want to take it out of the wrapper for pictures. ;)
Health: 8--this is a fairly high-carb snack, but then again it is an energy bar. GoodGuide gives it an 8.8, citing low saturated fats but high sugar.
Eat Again? Yes, especially since they are readily available!

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