Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review: Clif Bar Spiced Pumpkin Pie

It’s almost Halloween, and you know what that means--the appearance of seasonal food items in every major grocery store. Mainly I’m talking pumpkin Peeps, orange-filled Oreos, candy corn...but I’ve also seen Halloween-themed Cap’n Crunch and, yesterday at Wegmans, seasonal Spiced Pumpkin Pie Clif bars.

Now, I’m not totally sure why these are packaged in white, because that makes me think of snow. Which makes sense for the Peppermint Stick-flavored bars that were next to them (and yes, one of which I also bought), but as far as pumpkins and snow, I don’t really think the two go together. At least, I hope they don’t because that would mean an early snowfall this year, and I really hate snow.

OK, before we proceed I should probably disclose that I have never actually eaten pumpkin pie. #-o In fact I think the only kinds of pie I’ve ever had are chocolate, apple, and wild blueberry. That said, my friend’s mom makes these mushy pumpkin bars (I’m not sure exactly what’s in them, but definitely pumpkin), and I like them well enough. I also ate a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie once.

It looks like your standard Clif bar, very dense and molasses-y. This one didn’t stick too badly (although I still don’t recommend doing the napkin thing), and it smelled vaguely like pumpkin with a hint of cinnamon. Again, Clif seems to have decided to pretty up this bar. I really want to know how they get those squiggles so evenly placed.

Not being a huge pumpkin fan, I was pleasantly surprised by this bar. It was very fresh and easy to chew, with an oaty-crispy texture that was pretty consistent. Minus the monster almond that I found right smack in the middle, but that’s OK since I like almonds. There is a hint of cinnamon, which unfortunately doesn’t come through in every bite. Since I am a cinnamon fanatic, I would have liked more, but there were bites that were sufficiently spiced. Overall, it’s sweet with a sort of fresh-veggie taste that I’m going to attribute to the pumpkin (are pumpkins vegetables??).

Taste: 8--definitely fresh and pumpkin-y, although I wish there was more spice.
Texture: 10--not too terribly sticky, with a nice oat-and-crisp consistency.
Health: 8--if you’re watching carbs, you might want to be careful--as with most energy bars. GoodGuide gives it an 8.
Eat Again? Yeah, but I won’t go out of my way to buy them and I’m not going to stock up while they’re still available.

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